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How long do semi-permanent brows last?

by:Qinmei     2022-12-07

Nowadays, semi-permanent eyebrow fixing is a relatively popular makeup fixing technology, which not only has the effect of beautifying the face, but also saves the tedious process of makeup and makeup removal. With the popularity of semi-permanent makeup, stores are also spread all over the country. Due to the different fees, customers are concerned about the storage time of semi-permanent eyebrows. How long can semi-permanent eyebrows last? Let’s take a look at the storage time of semi-permanent eyebrows.

What is semi-permanent eyebrow makeup?

In layman's terms, semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is to brush natural organic pigments on the surface of the eyebrow area through needle method through makeup fixing technology. It can increase the thickness of eyebrows, just like the light makeup feeling of brushing eyebrow powder. The reason why it is called semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is that it is not permanent. Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is a method of beautifying the eyebrows, and it is also a more popular beauty in recent years.

How long does semi-permanent eyebrow makeup last?

In general, a semi-permanent eyebrow fixation can last for 1-2 years. Semi-permanent fixed eyebrows are loved by many people because they give people a kind of fashion and convenience. The natural eyebrow effect and fashion are also an important factor for people to accept him. Different people have different opinions on the question of how long semi-permanent eyebrows can be kept. In the case of high standard charges, most people hope that the longer the better. The maintenance time of semi-permanent eyebrows is 1-2 years, and the maintenance time of different physiques will also vary.

Influencing factors of semi-permanent eyebrow makeup

Everyone's metabolism is high or low, which is a major factor that affects how long eyebrows last. Semi-permanent eyebrow makeup can last up to 2 years, but it will not exceed 2 years, because it will gradually fade with the metabolism of the human body. Young people have a faster metabolism and a shorter retention time. Older people may have a slower metabolism and a longer retention time. longer.

The semi-permanent eyebrow makeup technology is updated quickly. After the semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is maintained for 2 years, the ideal eyebrow can be made according to the current popular eyebrow shape, which avoids the pain of traditional eyebrow washing. Relatively speaking, the semi-permanent eyebrow makeup is more suitable for the current pursuit. Fashionable young people consume.

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