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How long does it take to do a semi-permanent makeup fix and how long does it take to do a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo?

by:Qinmei     2022-05-08

It usually takes about 1 hour. This time includes the steps of analyzing face shape, designing, applying stabilizer, and performing surgery. Generally, it can be completed in the interval of shopping, without delaying work, life and study, which is very convenient.

How long does eyebrow tattooing take and how long does it take to recover? During the tattooing process, the surgeon and the recipient should always pay attention to observe the coloring and eyebrow shape. Each eyebrow tattoo usually takes 15 to 20 minutes to complete. The eyebrows that have just been tattooed will look slightly darker in color. Generally, after a thin layer of scab is removed, the eyebrow color is really set and looks realistic and natural in about 1 week. If the brow color feels light after the scab is removed, you can make a second supplementary color to make the brow shape more perfect. Precautions for tattooing eyebrows (1) It is necessary to design the eyebrow pattern that is suitable for my age and face shape, and avoid the same pattern. (2) Choose different dyes according to the color of your skin and hair, and the dyes for older women should be slightly lighter than those for young women. (3) When tattooing, first use brown pigment to tattoo the outer outline to shape the shape, and then use a darker dye to tattoo the interior. (4) For the thorns at the root of the eyebrows and the tail of the eyebrows, the density of the thorns can be slightly sparser. Experts suggest that although the current eyebrow tattooing technology has improved a lot, the skills of tattoo artists are still mixed. Friends who want to tattoo their eyebrows are also afraid of blindly tattooing their eyebrows for this kind of thing. Whether the eyebrow tattoo is good or not, it is not only about its beauty, but also about matching it with your face shape, making it natural and not having the same eyebrows as everyone, and having distinctive features.

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