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How long does it take to get tattooed after eyebrow trimming?

by:Qinmei     2022-05-06

In order to make the eyebrows beautiful, some people need to cut the eyebrows before the eyebrows are tattooed, or choose to tattoo the eyebrows after the eyebrows are cut. This is all possible. As long as the eyebrows are tattooed at the right time, the desired effect can be achieved without any problems. How long after the eyebrows are cut can the eyebrows be tattooed? Let's find out together with you.

The Korean semi-permanent tattoo artist of ARTISTRY said that it is best to get a tattoo after 10 days after cutting the eyebrows, or choose a tattoo when the eyebrows are almost recovered. This not only does not affect the normal recovery of the eyebrow cut, but also allows the eyebrow tattoo to achieve the desired effect. If you cut your eyebrows, you must pay attention to avoid water before the wound heals, so as to avoid inflammation and infection.

Eyebrow tattooing is a method of tattooing pigments into the surface of the skin, similar to traditional tattoos, and is also a traumatic tattooing method, so after the eyebrows are cut, the eyebrows have not recovered. Do not tattoo eyebrows to avoid infection and inflammation due to improper handling. Thick tattooed eyebrows were popular many years ago, but now they look very old-fashioned and unattractive. Eyebrow cutting can effectively improve the troubles caused by eyebrow tattooing. Many people have tattooed eyebrows after eyebrow cutting, so eyebrow cutting surgery How long does it take to get an eyebrow tattoo?

Artistine Korean-style semi-permanent tattoo artist pointed out that the recovery period of normal tissues after eyebrow surgery is generally 15 days to 1.5 months. Scar hyperplasia, people with poor constitution will have some imprints. After 3 months, the scar softens and absorbs, and the imprint fades. Therefore, in order to make the beauty seekers achieve the effect from color to line in the process of eyebrow tattooing in the future, it is recommended to cut eyebrows. After 3 months, the eyebrows can be tattooed, and the eyebrow pencil can be used during this period. Proper handling of eyebrow incision can help us recover quickly. Do not do facial beauty massage or rub the operating area for a period of time during eyebrow incision. Any type of supplements and medicines that may accelerate blood circulation, reduce coagulation mechanism, and affect wound healing, such as ginseng, aspirin, blood-activating drugs, weight-loss drugs, and menstrual-regulating drugs, are prohibited. If necessary, you should consult your eyebrow surgeon. Smoking, alcohol, and spicy food should be banned for one month after eyebrow surgery.

What principles should be followed when choosing eyebrow tattoos? Many female friends with lighter eyebrows spend a lot of time on grooming their eyebrows every day, and usually have to draw repeatedly to achieve the desired effect. Eyebrow tattooing is an eyebrow shaping technique. By tattooing eyebrows, you can maintain a beautiful eyebrow shape for a long time, which greatly saves makeup time. Let's learn about the principles of eyebrow tattooing.

Principles of eyebrow tattooing:

1. Choose the dye according to the customer's hair color. Moreover, when tattooing the eyebrows, you should first use brown pigment to tattoo the outer outline to shape the eyebrows, and then use a darker dye to tattoo the inner part. 2, rather shallow than deep, rather short than long, rather thin than thick. When tattooing eyebrows, you must pay attention to the characteristics of the customer's age and face shape to design the appropriate eyebrow shape. 3. For the thorns at the root of the eyebrows and the tail of the eyebrows, the density of the thorns can be slightly sparser.

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