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How long does it take to learn eyebrow tattooing with zero foundation? Can I start to operate customers after learning?

by:Qinmei     2022-11-18

Eyebrow tattoos have gradually become popular, and a large number of tattoo lovers have begun to pour into the semi-permanent ranks. Many students with zero foundation have doubts: How long will it take to learn the zero foundation? Can they start to operate independently after learning? The following is the answer to the students who are just getting started.

How long does it take to learn from zero foundation

Learning to tattoo and embroider eyebrows depends on your own situation. There are some who learn fast and some who learn slowly. The fast ones have the basics for about a week, or a month or even longer. In the Xinyu Xingse Beauty Makeup School, there is an international B.E.L make-up general class for beginners with zero foundation, and the learning time is 10 days. From enrollment to graduation, students can master the three skills of eyebrows, eyes and lips according to the course arrangement. For zero-based students, it can be learned in 10 days.

The course schedule is as follows

Day 1: Opening Ceremony, Basic Quality of Tattoo Artists, Brand Recognition of Tattoo Artists, Industry Prospect Analysis and Employment Guidance, History of Tattoo Development, Matching of Different Eyebrow Shapes and Face Shapes, Three Courts and Five Eyes and Quick Design of Eyebrow Shapes ( Three-point positioning), drawing eyebrow techniques on paper, and line basics

Day 2: Basic knowledge of sketching, simulated three-dimensional eyebrows, eye sketching

Day 3: Knowledge of tattoo products, knowledge of tattoo cortex, real-person eyebrow design skills, basic knowledge of color, eyebrow color matching and color transfer, real-life operation process, material management, one-time coloring skills, tattoo taboos, post-repair Nursing, makeup and eyebrow operation skills, practical demonstration of makeup and eyebrow real operation, photography promotion skills, post-following customer service process

Day 4: The characteristics and design essentials of foggy eyebrow makeup, the operation process of foggy eyebrow makeup, the understanding of the cortex of foggy eyebrow operation, factors affecting the color of foggy eyebrows, tattoo taboos, post-repair care, post-following customer service process, real people Practical demonstration of foggy eyebrow makeup, practice of foggy eyebrow makeup on paper and white skin

Day 5: Selection and matching of crystal lip color and color change, crystal lip operation process, lip shape design skills, post repair care, post follow-up customer service process, live demonstration crystal lip operation, three-dimensional silicone leather crystal lip technique

Day 6: The design method of the color contact line, the difference between the color contact line and the old-fashioned eyeliner, the operation process of the color contact line, the understanding of the cortex of the operation of the color contact line, the factors affecting the coloring, the contraindications of the operation of the color contact line, and the follow-up customer service process , Real-life demonstration of color contact lenses, basic knowledge of facial features metaphysics and physiognomy, face-to-face communication skills with customers, and graduation group photos

Day 7: Detailed explanation and practice of line eyebrow basic skills, six-point positioning, fast eyebrow shape and three-dimensional symmetry, detailed explanation of frameless line eyebrow arrangement skills

Day 8: Needling method for lined eyebrows, secret formula for keeping color in the opening of lined eyebrows, six-point three-color three-dimensional eyebrow design method for real people

Day 9: Coloring method of eyebrow line, technique of eyebrow modification, principle of men’s eyebrow design and method of arranging lines, live demonstration

Day 10: Graduation exam, graduation ceremony, course summary

Can I start immediately after finishing the study?

The answer is yes. During the study period, the teacher will teach the case analysis of various clients. Through the diagnosis of the face shape, the eyebrow shape of the client will be designed. Before the end of the study, the graduation assessment will be set, and the teacher will assist the students to complete the eyebrow tattoo project. In order to ensure that students can be independent customers after the end of the study. After finishing the semi-permanent zero-based class, it is completely possible to get started.

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