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How long does it take to wash off semi-permanent eyebrows Semi-permanent makeup eyebrow cleaning method

by:Qinmei     2022-12-02

A pair of beautiful eyebrows can leave a good impression on people, but drawing eyebrows every day is a troublesome thing, some people choose semi-permanent eyebrow makeup. However, when tattooing eyebrows, the technique of the tattoo artist is quite critical, and the lack of professionalism makes the eyebrows produced are not ideal. Want to wash off semi-permanent eyebrows, how to wash off semi-permanent makeup eyebrows? How long does it take to wash off semi-permanent eyebrow makeup? Let's take a look below.

Can it be washed off semi-permanently?

The effect of semi-permanent makeup can be washed off, but the process is relatively long and needs to be washed several times. Semi-permanent makeup itself is exquisite, so you must communicate with the doctor before tattooing, and you can't force it according to the color and style you like.

Semi-permanent laser washable

The semi-permanent can be washed off by laser, and the high energy emitted by the laser instantly causes the irradiated pigment particles to absorb energy and expand and split. Part of the pigment splits into finer particles and is excreted, and some of them are swallowed by human macrophages and pass through. The lymphatic system is drained, and then the pigment left by semi-permanent makeup is swept away.

Semi-permanent can be washed off by high-frequency electric ion machine

Routine disinfection is required to clean the eyebrows with a high-frequency ionization machine, and it is carried out under local anesthesia. The operator must master the depth when repairing semi-permanent makeup. Do not go too deep, and generally only go to the superficial layer of the dermis. After repairing the semi-permanent makeup, the patient should keep the part dry and free from water to prevent infection, and the scabs should fall off naturally to prevent scarring. The eyebrows fall off temporarily and grow back in about 20 days. This method of repairing black and blue eyebrows is better for people with light color and poor eyebrow shape. For those with darker color, the removal effect cannot be achieved at one time, and the second removal should be performed after 3-6 months.

How long can semi-permanent eyebrow makeup be washed off

The semi-permanent makeup that has just been done cannot be washed off immediately, and it will take more than a month in the short term. Although there is no wound on the surface after the scab falls off after 4 days, the hair follicles inside the eyebrows are actually damaged. If it is damaged, the recovery period should be fast and it will take 1 month. If you forcefully clean the semi-permanent makeup, it will only damage the hair follicles. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for one month, and it is generally recommended to wash after 3 months.

Wash away the semi-permanent makeup and choose a regular institution

Girls are dissatisfied with semi-permanent eyebrows. If you want to wash them off, you should choose a formal institution. This is because some informal beauty parlors usually use corrosive acid to treat eyebrows. Although this method can wash away tattooed eyebrows, but However, it will cause slight chemical burns on the eyebrows. Girls will feel that a layer of skin has been torn off the eyebrows, which can not help but hurt the skin, and it will also leave scars on the skin, damage the hair follicles, and hinder the growth of the eyebrows. Therefore, in order to have a better experience when washing semi-permanent makeup, go to a regular institution or hospital to wash off the semi-permanent makeup.

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