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How many of these seven basic techniques of tattooing do you know?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-31

7 basic techniques for tattooing eyebrows

1. Point method

Mainly through the technique of holding a needle, 90°Click the operation surface vertically to operate.

Second, tap

Mainly used for hand-held brushwork, the pen 45°Tilt on the operating surface and perform the strokes formed by repeated light strokes.

Three, light stroke

Using a hand-held blade, 45°Inclined to the operating surface, lines are formed on the surface by gentle manipulation.

4. Circle shape

Mainly used for machine surgery, by operating the pen 90°Draw circles perpendicular to the operating surface to create a coloring effect.

5. Grab the thread

Mainly used for machine surgery, through surgery 90°The pen draws back and forth lines perpendicular to the operating surface to form a zigzag filling effect.

6. Simulation

By holding the blade, 90°Draw lines that mimic the shape of an eyebrow on the vertical operating surface.

7. Lines

When using a machine to cast spells, use 90°The color of the final line is formed by short back and forth coloring perpendicular to the treatment surface.

Whether your eyebrows are done well, you can tell by looking at them. Many tattoo artists frown when they raise their brows. As the finishing touch to the eyebrows, they often fail on the brows. What should I do with natural brows?

1. Design is the key

Whether you can get ideal eyebrow tattoos depends on the eyebrow shape design. The most important thing in the eyebrow shape design is the brow. The design of the brow is not difficult, and the edge lines should be soft and not too rigid.

Second, the color can transition

The color of the brows should not be too thick. Use the pigments that are specially used for the brows and the color is lighter to make the brows more natural. Pay attention to the transition of the color of the brows and the brows behind, and follow the principle of preferring lightness rather than darkness.

When operating, pay attention to:

It is recommended to operate by puncturing or sweeping, and the operation method must be light. Line eyebrow operation should follow the natural growth direction of the eyebrow hair, and the short line is the best for the eyebrow. Fog brows need to be filled with light and light colors, avoid making them square, and avoid too heavy colors.

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