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How safe is it to do semi-permanent makeup? Is it safe to do Korean semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos?

by:Qinmei     2022-05-08

Semi-permanent makeup is safe and secure. Different from the era in which traditional tattoos and embroidery go all over the world, modern semi-permanent makeup enhances the nature of safety and hygiene to the same height as medicine. Therefore, each cleaning and disinfection before operation is a necessary step.

Both the instruments and the face of the subject need to be carefully disinfected, and the most important hand-held blades and needles are changed every time.

The difference between Korean-style semi-permanent makeup and makeup Korean-style semi-permanent makeup is a brand-new cosmetic technique between plastic and cosmetic surgery and ordinary makeup. Step 1. Korean style Semi-permanent cosmetic surgery is a new cosmetic technology between plastic cosmetic surgery and ordinary cosmetic surgery. It is a safer, healthier and more fashionable leading international beauty concept and cosmetic technology.

2. Perfectone Korean semi-permanent makeup is based on dermatological science, using natural mineral pigments to deposit between the epidermis and granular layers of the skin for makeup. - It will disappear naturally after 5 years. It avoids the tedious process of putting on and removing makeup for several hours every day. It is a leading international beauty concept and makeup technology that is truly time-saving, labor-saving, healthy and fashionable.

The materials used in the semi-permanent makeup operation are pure natural materials with no side effects and no adverse allergic reactions. Its safety does not cause any harm to the human body, and has obtained safety certification in countries such as the United States and Europe.

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