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How soon after eyebrow tattoo can I apply foundation and makeup?

by:Qinmei     2023-05-13

How long does it take for eyebrows to look natural? How many days after eyebrow tattoo can I make up? Eyebrow tattooing is a way of beauty that many girls choose now. After eyebrow tattooing, the eyebrows will be more stylish and will not be as irregular as wild eyebrows. But there is a period of embarrassment after eyebrow tattooing, how long will it be more natural?

How long does it take for eyebrows to look natural

Eyebrow tattoos usually begin to scab the next day, and the scabs will fall off naturally in 5-7 days. The metabolic cycle of the human body is 28 days to 32 days, and the recovery period has a certain relationship with the individual's recovery and absorption. Generally, after 1 month, the eyebrows will become very natural.

How many days after eyebrow tattoo can you make up

You can apply normal makeup after the eyebrows are completely recovered in about a week after tattooing, because eyebrow tattooing has a scab period for a week, and you can put on makeup after all the scabs fall off. better.

The specific time is different for every girl, but you should avoid the eyebrows when applying make-up and cleansing, and the area around the eyebrows will be more sensitive, so be careful not to apply foundation. Skin care products containing whitening ingredients or lead and mercury ingredients should try to avoid eyebrows, such as whitening essence and sunscreen products, so that the color of eyebrows can be kept longer and will not change color.

One week after eyebrow tattooing, you can apply foundation and set makeup, but you need to pay attention not to apply foundation directly on the eyebrows, because it is easy to make the eyebrows touch water when removing makeup and cleansing the face, and applying foundation to the eyebrows will easily lead to pigmentation and affect the appearance of the eyebrows. eyebrow effect.

Foundation is a make-up product, which contains more pigments, essences and other additives, so don't rub the foundation on the eyebrows, otherwise it will easily cause the eyebrows to change color and affect the shape of the eyebrows.

Because the eyebrows will experience scabbing and scabbing after eyebrow tattooing. For better recovery and coloring, it is recommended to follow the rules for the first 7 days. Otherwise you will regret it. After the recovery period, you can put on normal makeup, but when you put on makeup, be careful not to get a lot of foundation on your eyebrows, as it will easily turn your semi-permanent eyebrows grayish blue!

Eyebrow tattoos are for beauty, don’t cause trouble due to negligence for a while. Girls, remember to cooperate with the tattoo artist and do a good job in related care. Beauty needs care, so be a delicate beauty. Whether you are a goddess or a girl, you must have the cleanliness and freshness of a girl.

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