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How soon after semi-permanent eyebrow makeup can I wash my face? It takes at least three days for the skin to recover

by:Qinmei     2022-12-14

Semi-permanent projects include tattooed lips, tattooed eyeliner, eyeliner, hairline, etc. Nowadays, girls who love beauty are willing to have a semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, knowing that they need to avoid contact with water after semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing. Many fairies who love beauty have this kind of confusion about how long to wash their face after semi-permanent makeup. How long can they wash their face after semi-permanent eyebrow makeup?

Why can't you wash your face immediately after semi-permanent surgery?

The pigment is easy to fall off

The pigment is easy to fall off. The first is the problem of coloring. Semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing is to implant absorbable pigments between the epidermis and the superficial dermis of the skin. These pigments are not because the effect is not good, but they need a period of time to stabilize.

The wound is susceptible to infection

Another reason why you can’t wash your face immediately after semi-permanent surgery is that the wound surface is prone to infection when exposed to water. Semi-permanent surgery needs to puncture the skin, which will inevitably leave a wound on the skin. Once the wound comes into contact with water due to washing the face, the water contains special There are many pathogenic bacteria, so it is easy for beauty seekers to be infected by bacteria, causing local inflammation.

How long can I wash my face after semi-permanent

Whether you have semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos, lip tattoos, or eyeliner tattoos, you need to pay special attention to avoid getting wet. Generally, you need to try to avoid washing your face within three days, three days. You can wash your face after at least three days, and it's not like soaking in water for half a day, just like a dragonfly touches the water. Don't rub it too hard with a towel. This depends on the situation. Some people's skin self-healing speed will be slower, and the time can be extended appropriately.

Do not wash your face after infection

Some girls will have a series of symptoms of skin infection after the semi-permanent treatment, which is caused by the invasion of bacteria. In the case of infection after the semi-permanent treatment, beauty lovers should not apply clean water to the face and wash their face, and they should not use any Wash your face with facial cleanser, because there are chemical ingredients in facial cleanser, without exception.

What should you pay attention to when washing your face after semi-permanent

Be gentle

After recovering from the semi-permanent treatment, those who just started to wash their face should pay attention to gentle movements. This is because the pigment after the semi-permanent treatment is not yet stable, and the gentle movement of washing the face can ensure that the pigment will not disappear due to friction. Therefore, in order to achieve the effect of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing, we should try to be as gentle as possible when washing our face.

Avoid eyelid wounds when washing your face

After finishing semi-permanent makeup, wash your face. You need to avoid the part where semi-permanent makeup is fixed, and use sterile cotton swabs to clean the dirty parts of the face. Make-up is even worse, I suggest girls to endure it for a few days.

How soon after semi-permanent eyebrow makeup can I wash my face has always been a concern of girls. It varies from person to person, and different people have different skin types. There is no absolute standard time limit, so to avoid pigmentation loss and some negative effects after surgery, the editor recommends washing the face at least 3 days later.

Questions and answers about semi-permanent eyebrow makeup
Q: How long can I wash my semi-permanent eyebrows with water?
Answer: You can wash your face on the same day, but don't use alkaline and other cleaning products to wash the part deliberately. Just avoid the eyebrow part. If you can wash it, the eyebrow coloring effect will be affected. After 7 days, the scab falls off by itself, and you can wash it at will.
Q: How many days can I wash my face and take a shower after tattooing eyebrows?
Answer: After a week, touch the water after removing the scab. The decolorization has to wait until the recoloration period has passed, and there are some people who are about 2 weeks to a month later.
Q: Can I wash my face with facial cleanser after doing semi-permanent eyebrows for a week?
Answer: You can use facial cleanser to wash your face after doing semi-permanent eyebrows for a week. This will not cause any impact, but the premise is that your eyebrow scabs have completely fallen off naturally. Only at this time can you wash your face with water and facial cleanser , At the same time, you can also use skin care products, but you still need to continue to stick to the diet, preferably for 1 month.
Q: Can I wash my face during semi-permanent eyebrow scab removal?
Answer: Do not touch the wound to prevent skin infection and inflammation.
Q: How long does it take for the semi-permanent eyebrows to completely remove the scab?
Answer: It's the third day after finishing the treatment, and now the scabs are so itchy, I wonder if it will completely fall off in a few days.

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