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How to achieve a color retention rate of more than 90% for the color contact line? Color retention tips for color contact liner

by:Qinmei     2022-12-01

Making a semi-permanent color contact liner can not only enlarge the eyes and change the shape of the eyes, but also make the eyelashes appear thicker, just like wearing color contact lenses, adding a charming and gorgeous beauty. As the saying goes: 'There is no trace when you close your eyes, and you have a spirit when you open your eyes'! However, some cosmetic contact liners do not have a high color retention rate. Why, follow the editor to find out~

Reasons why color contact line does not leave color

The pigment of the color contact liner is implanted on the cartilage at the root of the eyelashes. This part is not the skin, and only a thin layer of mucous membrane covers the upper end of the cartilage. Therefore, its color receiving strength and color retention strength are weaker than normal skin. Therefore, in addition to the needling, you must pay attention to the depth, strength and technique of the needling, and also pay attention to the postoperative care, so that the color of the color contact line can be retained to the greatest extent.

Color retaining technique of color contact line

Do not rub your eyes after the operation. After the color contact line operation, the eyes will feel a little discomfort and slight itching. This is normal. Do not rub it with your hands to avoid infection and discoloration (except for excessive pain and tears.)

Appropriately detumescence

After the operation, if the eyes are red and swollen, it usually occurs within half an hour to one day after the operation. As long as it is not too red and swollen, you can use a 0-10 ℃ low-temperature water-removing towel for cold compress to help calm and reduce swelling.

Be careful not to touch the water

Try to avoid washing your face for 1 day after the operation, and avoid washing your face, swimming, strenuous exercise, and participation in saunas, etc., activities that are easy to come into contact with water within 7 days after the operation.

Do not wear makeup during restoration

It is recommended not to make up after the cosmetic contact liner is fixed and before it is repaired (about a week), and at the same time avoid getting the colored part when removing makeup.

Don't touch the cleaner

Do not use facial cleansing products, such as facial cleanser or exfoliating products, to remove dirt on or around the minimally wounded site before complete restoration.

Pay attention to apply repair agent

1-3 days after the operation, apply the repair agent on time as instructed by the tattoo artist.

You can't pick off the scab with your hands

The scabs formed after scabs are easy to lift and accompanied by slight itching. If the scabs are pulled off at this time, it is easy to cause skin damage and scabs again, so the color will be uneven after the final recovery.

The color contact line is not colored. Many customers are worried about this situation. Is the color contact line failed? In fact, there is no need to worry. The process of the color contact line is divided into four parts: coloring, scabbing, returning color, and replenishing color. There is still a color reversal period for the color contact line, and the normal color of the line will gradually appear.

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