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How to achieve long-lasting coloring of machine line eyebrows?

by:Qinmei     2022-08-22
Every time I finish the machine line eyebrows, the pre-effects are quite perfect
But it didn't take long for customers to come to the door and ask for a refill

Embroiderers often encounter machine-made eyebrows that are not colored or last for a very short time.
What is the reason and how to solve it?

technical approach

Machine line eyebrows are always not colored, first find out if there is any problem with your own technical methods.

Before learning about tattooing techniques
Focus on understanding the structure of the lower skin and the pigmented cortex, which largely determine the color retention effect and time.

The structure of the skin is divided into epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous layer. In fact, there is no tattoo artist in the subcutaneous layer.
In practice, the color is generally applied between the epidermis and the dermis, and the color is stable and the color retention is guaranteed.

Many tattooists ignore the importance of vertical needle insertion in the process of practical operation
As a result, the pigment floats on the surface or the upper layer of the epidermis, and the coloring is unstable, and it is easy to detach with the human tissue fluid or scab, that is, decolorization.

The correct needle insertion method is to ensure that the needle piece and the skin are almost at a vertical angle when the needle is inserted, which is not only conducive to the entry of the pmu tattoo pigment into the stable layer.
It can also reduce skin wounds and avoid scabbing

Pigment texture

Most of the current pmu tattoo pigments are pure plant components, which can be quickly absorbed by the human body and can also be excreted with metabolism.

However, there are many pmu tattoo pigments on the market, in order to ensure that the pigment is moist and delicate, an appropriate amount of oily essence is added.

The density of oil is less than the density of water. As for the two in the same container, the oil will float on the water.
Therefore, when the oily pigment is absorbed by the human body, it is easy to float on the upper layer of the skin surface, and it is easier to be excreted with metabolism.

In order to smooth the coloring of the machine eyebrows and keep the color for a long time, and also for safety and health, the embroidery color material should choose pure plant ingredients
But in order to ensure the moisturizing and light texture of the pigment,
Embroiderers remember to choose it——
Color retention king, special line eyebrow, fog eyebrow, eyeliner color cream

Color Retention King adds lipophilic ingredients, innovative color lock formula
Fits brow skin characteristics
Strong penetration in liquid state
Speed ​​up color rendering and transparency
Early stage is late stage, lasting color for 5 years

German original plant colorant, 100 fine grinding processes
Organically extracted source plant ingredients
No heavy metals
To ensure uniform pigment particles, delicate and soft texture

Factory high standard production inspection
Improve purification rate
Uniform and effective extraction of the substances required for coloring
Strong removal of impurities from ingredients
Colors the skin quickly and leaves the color naturally
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