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How to analyze and select cosmetic OEM manufacturers?

by:Qinmei     2022-08-28
In recent years, China's beauty industry has developed rapidly. After the emergence of new sales channels such as Douyin, Kuaishou, and Xiaohongshu, many online celebrity brands have emerged, and it is officially a bonus period for cosmetics brands to develop. Therefore, many brand owners will choose to cooperate with pmu cosmetic OEM manufacturers to quickly build brands in a short period of time and produce products for online sales.

At this time, how to choose a cosmetic OEM manufacturer has become a big problem, especially for the brand owners who are contacting cosmetic OEM for the first time.
Many brands will encounter many problems in the process of communication and selection of manufacturers, because basically every cosmetics OEM manufacturer says that it has advanced technology and strong R&D strength. Even some brands don't know where to find cosmetic OEM manufacturers.

This editor summarizes some tips for choosing a factory, let's talk about how to find a cosmetic OEM manufacturer first.
1. Search through search engine keywords
Input directly in Baidu, Sogou, 360 and other search engines“Cosmetics OEM manufacturers and pmu cosmetic manufacturers can search for a lot of manufacturer information and understand them one by one. Many people will wonder if what they see is the manufacturer's promotion advertisement, is it really credible? In fact, objectively speaking, the corresponding economic strength of manufacturers that can do online promotion is relatively strong, because advertising such as Baidu promotion is very expensive, so seeing cosmetics OEM manufacturers doing promotion, it shows that they have a certain strength and can carry out advertising. Contact for advice.

2. Keyword search on 1688 Wholesale Online
Search for the corresponding keywords on 1688, and relevant pmu cosmetic OEM manufacturers will also appear. So how to choose? It mainly depends on the corresponding trademark. Generally, there are bullheads that show strong merchants. To join the strong merchants, Alibaba's third-party companies need to audit the factory, which means that these manufacturers have a certain production strength and can meet the corresponding production. can be trusted.

3. Comprehensive understanding of official information
After preliminary selection of the manufacturer through the above two channels, you can learn about the company's products, company dynamics, etc. from the manufacturer's official website and official WeChat account. If a website is built to a high level, it can at least show the soft power of the cosmetics OEM company. .

Through the preliminary screening of the above three aspects, we can identify 1-3 cosmetic OEM manufacturers for on-the-spot inspection, and after the inspection, we can basically select the manufacturers.

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