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How to apply hemp correctly for tattoo? Basic knowledge of eyebrow tattooing

by:Qinmei     2022-11-22

I believe that after working as a tattoo artist for a long time, many tattoo embroiderers still have serious problems in mastering the basic knowledge of the anesthetics used in tattooing, which may lead to allergic reactions of customers during operation. Next, let’s talk about the basic knowledge about the anesthetics used in tattoos that we tattoo artists must master when using anesthetics!

In fact, there are several major factors that affect the effect of anesthetics. As a tattoo artist, you must have a thorough understanding of all aspects in order to solve problems more easily.

01 temperature

I believe that when we tattoo artists are learning tattoo techniques, our tattoo instructors will tell us that generally, the higher the temperature, the faster the active ingredients of the anesthetic will work and the better the anesthesia effect will be. But some of our embroiderers usually keep unused anesthetics in the refrigerator. Therefore, when we use anesthetics, we can put the anesthetics refrigerated at room temperature for a period of time before using them to ensure the effect.

02 Thickness

When we tattoo artists are learning to use anesthetics, our instructors should have told us that when applying anesthesia to the tattoo operation area, the thickness of 1MM is generally about the same, and we must cover it with plastic wrap after applying the anesthetics. , so that the active ingredients can better act on the skin.

03 skin

We all know that everyone's skin quality is different, so when we tattoo artists apply anesthesia, for thinner skin with larger pores, we can appropriately shorten the application time of anesthesia, and vice versa.

04 Physique

Different customers have different tolerances to anesthetics, but it is not easy for us tattooists to judge. Generally, it is enough to control the duration of application of anesthetics according to the instructions of the anesthetics.

05 speed

Sometimes, in order to speed up the effect of anesthesia, our tattoo artist can use a professional tattoo swab to lightly prick the skin where the anesthesia is applied after a period of time, so that the anesthetic can penetrate into the skin more easily.

Precautions for using anesthetics:

1. It is best not to use it for deep skin damage, especially if it is used for large-scale skin damage. The stronger the medicinal properties, the greater the side effects of breaking the skin. If you must use it through breaking the skin, it is best to choose Erma.

2. The time for applying anesthetics must be mastered. Do not use strong and irritating anesthetics, but master the dosage. Once the customer suffers from anesthetic burns, the loss outweighs the gain.

3. Most of the anesthetics sold in the market contain epinephrine hydrochloride. When it is squeezed out and exposed to air, it will oxidize and turn pink, and then turn into brown or even black. Those with high blood pressure and heart disease should not use it or use it sparingly. Such patients should not use it on broken skin.

4. The ointment that does not contain adrenaline hydrochloride will not change color when it is squeezed out and exposed to air. People with low blood pressure should not use this anesthetic.

5. When skin allergies occur, we should not panic and just mess around. This will make the guests feel that I am unprofessional and should stop taking medicine. After cleaning, apply 999 Piyanping and wrap it with plastic wrap for treatment.

6. When buying anesthetics, you should buy pure white ointment products. The ingredients are relatively pure. There are many products (grey, pink, coffee, etc.) on the market. Due to the use of low-cost and low-quality raw materials and the rough production process, they have changed color. Contains peroxide, if you smell it carefully, you will find that it contains an unpleasant smell. Peroxide is a substance that is very harmful to the human body. It is carcinogenic and cannot pass the component testing requirements of the health agency.

These are some anesthetic-related knowledge that we tattoo artists need to master when using anesthetic to apply anesthesia. Have you mastered it for tattoo newcomers?

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