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How to avoid the problem of blue eyeliner?

by:Qinmei     2023-05-15

I believe that many sisters want to make a soul eyeliner. The eyeliner is really friendly to girls with dull eyes and small eyes! The fragrance is really fragrant, but why don't you dare to do it? There are a large number of beauty-loving women who turn blue after applying eyeliner. This is why some people reject eyeliner.

Basically, 99% of online celebrity makeup needs eyeliner with different feelings, because eyeliner can really enlarge the eyes. Today, I will show you how to avoid the major problems of eyeliner turning blue. In the tattoo industry, there is such a general sentence: 'If it is black to the extreme, it will turn blue.'

That's right, when you use too much black pigment for eyeliner, it will cause the eyeliner to be stuffy and blue in the later stage. If you have done it before, you can check what kind of situation you belong to.

The first method: only the root of the eyelashes is blue-gray, and the trace coverage method.

This kind is easier to deal with, because there is no smudge on the eyelids, so you can use the method of direct coverage and neutralization to change the color.

The second method: the eyelid board is white, the root of the eyelashes is blue-gray, and the upper and lower sides are wrapped.

This kind of need to fill the bare area first, and then use the above method to cover and neutralize.

The third method: from the eyelid plate to the eyelid, the blue gray smudges to the upper and lower eyelids, and the method is added.

This is the most difficult type of eyeliner to operate. It is necessary to operate the eyelid board and the root of the eyelashes first, and then cover the position of the eyelid with the magic blue solution.

So how can novice tattoos avoid the problem of blueness?

I usually use the target color: black coffee color, caramel color, and anti-blue orange. Eyelid panels: Use a warmer black coffee color. Eyelash root and eyeliner: use caramel color.

Finally, use Fanglan to operate it as a whole. Because it is a warm tone, it will be a black and bright color after operation, and it can effectively prevent blueness in the later stage. A good-looking post-production is definitely not something that can be done in black!

The above is my eyeliner operation and color matching experience ~ sisters can leave a message in the comment area for more tattoo knowledge

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