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How to be promoted as a tattoo artist to a tattoo aesthetic designer

by:Qinmei     2022-04-23

With the popularity of the tattoo artist industry, more and more people are joining the tattoo market. Embroidery studios have sprung up like mushrooms after a rain. A few days ago, a tattoo friend complained in the daily chat: 'I have been here longer than her, and I have been in the business a few years earlier than her, why did she pull my business away as soon as she came. More than half of them! I really don’t understand!” At first, we were puzzled, but after chatting with other tattoo artists, we learned that they are not just as simple as tattoo artists, but a tattoo aesthetic designer. division. And this friend has been studying techniques all the time, and has not paid much attention to improving his aesthetic quality. After learning that many tattoo artists are confused in this regard, I helped the tattoo artist to be promoted to the tattoo aesthetic designer. Here I briefly summarize a few points, hoping that the tattoo artist friends can find a suitable direction for themselves. 1. Improve personal fashion aesthetic ability Embroiderers not only need to continuously improve their own skills, but also need to continuously improve their aesthetic ability. Tattooing is a job that can make people beautiful. If the personal aesthetic ability of the tattoo artist is very poor, how can you make the customer feel at ease and give yourself to you? Tattooing is a very fashionable industry. Our tattooists can usually pay more attention to fashion information and learn more about fashion, which can not only improve our understanding of our aesthetics. It can also allow us to have more topics to chat with customers and bring closer relationship with each other. On weekdays, you can go to the library to read a book, or go out for a short-term trip. While relaxing for yourself, you can broaden your vision and mood, and you can also improve your awareness of beauty. Second, enhance their hand-painting ability Many tattooists always say that their biggest disadvantage is their lack of modeling ability. Teachers will recommend to practice hand-painting more. Hand-painting can not only enhance personal modeling ability, but also turn your perfect paintings into decorative paintings, killing two birds with one stone. Hand-painting requires more painting and more viewing. The more you draw, the deeper you will naturally be. Hand-painting requires basic skills, and this is not a shortcut. The effect of the painting depends on your art skills, which requires a long time of practice and understanding. You can find some hand-painted works to copy, which is a good method. You can go to the bookstore and buy some portfolios related to design sketches. For example, sketch sketches, color composition, the more you read and draw, the more you will master the skills. Much more. The most important thing is to practice more. 3. Pay attention to studio decoration Everyone is a visual animal. I have previously introduced the importance of clothing to tattooists. The decoration of the studio can attract customers to visit. The decoration style of some tattoo works is simply unsightly, from the placement of objects to the hanging of posters. Makes you want to run away immediately. The style of decoration needs to be unified first, and the theme of decoration can be more lifelike. But you must not have two different styles of decoration in the same area. For example, the overall decoration style of the studio is Chinese style, but the furniture placement and accessories selection are European style. And don't decorate your studio into a nightclub style. But no matter what style of decoration, the most important thing is that it needs to be clean and tidy.

May all tattoo artists in the world become tattoo aesthetic designers, not ordinary tattoo artists who can only look up to others.

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