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How to change the old-fashioned eyebrow tattoo? Analysis of Old-fashioned Eyebrow Modification Techniques

by:Qinmei     2022-12-17

The old-fashioned eyebrow tattoo was popular in the 1980s. This kind of eyebrow is permanent and cannot be metabolized. In the later stage, most of them turn into blue eyebrows or red eyebrows. Just different shades of color. Old-fashioned eyebrow tattoos often have eyebrow shapes: tall, drooping, and partial halo.

How to change the old-fashioned eyebrow tattoo? Now the editor will explain to the babies.

1. Do old-fashioned eyebrow tattoos have to be done after laser washing?

No, old-fashioned eyebrow tattoos with too thick a base color need to be cleaned. Generally, it can be modified by changing the color and then using the target operation. If the base color is light, you can directly use the target color to modify it.

2. What happened to the color change of old-fashioned eyebrow tattoos?

For old-fashioned eyebrow tattoos with a blue background, use orange coffee to change the color. For old-fashioned eyebrows with a red background, use green coffee to change the color. Use the technique of fogging to change the color, and operate 1-2 times in your redesigned eyebrow shape. Visually see that the background color can be turned off (the popular saying is that the background color has been blurred)

3. Do you operate the target color immediately after the color change?

After the color is changed, the target color can be operated immediately without waiting.

4. How to choose the target color for old-fashioned eyebrow tattoo?

Babies should be particularly concerned about how to choose the target for the old-fashioned eyebrow modification. The target color for the old-fashioned eyebrow modification should be a dark color, and the light color should not cover the base color.

5. After changing the old-fashioned eyebrow tattoo, is it better to make lines or fog eyebrows?

Changing the old-fashioned eyebrows is generally done by tattooing, or by adding fog to the lines, and some old-fashioned eyebrows with inconspicuous background colors can be made into lines. But this time will test your skills.

The editor will analyze the common situations with the babies in detail, and talk about my personal opinions as real cases.

Partial base color old-fashioned eyebrow tattoo

Features: The base color of this old-fashioned eyebrow tattoo is relatively light. You can directly design the eyebrow shape according to the range of the base color.

Modification method:

According to the part of the base color, design the eyebrow shape. The line eyebrow can be operated, and the density of the line can be determined according to the shade of the background color. Generally, the lines of light red eyebrows can be sparser, while those of light blue eyebrows are denser.

You can choose brown and coffee colors for light red eyebrows, and choose relatively thick colors for light blue eyebrows.

Old-fashioned eyebrow tattoo with light red background

Comparison of line modification effects

Old-fashioned eyebrow tattoo with light blue background

Comparison of line modification effects

Old-fashioned tattoo eyebrows with upward pick type and base color

Features: The eyebrows are high, the eyebrows are thin, and the tails of the eyebrows are pointed. The slope of the picking shape is high, and the slope of the eyebrow tail is low.

Modification method:

Eyebrow shape design, the eyebrow peak of the base color, and the eyebrow peak of the eyebrow shape to be designed. The eyebrow tail of the base color is used as the brow waist of the new eyebrow shape. Connect the position of the brow and the tip of the brow to design a slanted unlined brow. According to the situation, choose fog eyebrow.

Old-fashioned eyebrow tattoo with drooping base color

Features: The overall shape of the base color is drooping. Generally, the sagging position of the background color is lower than that of the normal brow.

Modification method:

Design the eyebrow shape, and set the position of the tip of the eyebrow at the tip of the base color.

Old-fashioned eyebrow modification essentials

Darkness must be lightened first, thickness must be changed, and lightness can be covered.

Change orange to blue eyebrows, green to red eyebrows, the goal should be deep.

Pick up the base color, take the peak as the peak, and the overall color is thick.

Drooping background color, with the bottom as the frame, empty at the top and solid at the bottom.

Partial base color, direct coverage, can be lined or fogged.

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