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How to choose a cosmetic OEM factory? The 100,000-level aseptic production workshop is

by:Qinmei     2022-11-05

When many cosmetic brand owners want to create a new product or brand, in order to save costs and improve efficiency, they are more inclined to choose to cooperate with cosmetic OEM factories and entrust the factory to produce and develop. For brand owners who are new to cosmetic OEMs, how to choose an OEM factory is the biggest problem they face.

So when choosing a cosmetics OEM factory, what aspects should brand owners start from to choose the most powerful manufacturers? The editor believes that the 100,000-level sterile production workshop is the key.

The most important thing in product production is to look at quality, and the 100,000-level aseptic production workshop is the premise of ensuring quality. why would you say so? Because whether the cosmetics OEM production workshop is professional and legal or not, it is directly related to whether the product is qualified. The international standard 100,000-level aseptic and clean standard production workshop can effectively remove 99.97% of bacteria and dust in the air, ensuring that all products are manufactured and filled in a safe and pollution-free environment to ensure product quality.

As a 13-year-old powerful OEM manufacturer, since its inception, it has built aseptic production workshops and international top-level tattoo equipment production centers in accordance with GMP standards, and adopted a food-level quality management system to ensure clean air, environmental standards, and strict regulations. Standard and rigorous production process to carry out product production to ensure product quality, worthy of the trust of the majority of cosmetics OEM customers.

Finally, it must be noted that if customers intend to cooperate with cosmetic OEM manufacturers, it is best to visit the production workshop in person. Check whether the equipment in the production workshop is complete, whether the production line is complete, whether the parts of the equipment are working normally, whether the raw materials are fresh, whether the dust-free production treatment has been carried out as advertised, whether the production personnel have uniform dust-proof suits, etc. Reality, hearing is false, only after on-the-spot investigation can we make the most correct choice.
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