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How to choose a cosmetic OEM manufacturer? Look at these three points!

by:Qinmei     2022-11-03
With the development of the national economy, the growth rate of my country's cosmetics market has always been higher than the world average, and the future development space is huge. Because of this, more and more people enter the skin care industry. So as a brand owner, how to choose a cosmetic OEM manufacturer?

1. Look at the production qualification

To choose a cosmetics OEM manufacturer, first of all, it is necessary to determine whether it has a qualified production qualification certificate, whether it has a cosmetics business qualification, and whether the validity date of the qualification is the current one. In addition, it must be targeted. Different products have different requirements for production qualifications. If you want to produce water, cream, and cream, you should find an OEM factory with makeup production qualifications; if you want to produce medical cold compresses, Then you need to find a factory with the production qualification of mechanical brand; if you want to make women's intimate products, gynecological gel, etc., you need to find a factory with the production qualification of the brand name.

Therefore, when looking for a factory, it is best to find some factories with complete qualification certificates, such as“makeup”“remove”“Mechanical”Cosmetics OEM manufacturers with complete three certificates, many kinds of products.

2. Look at the production workshop

A factory visit is an important part of choosing a cosmetic OEM factory. Customers who are interested in cooperating with cosmetic manufacturers are better off visiting the workshop in person.

When inspecting, you can pay attention to whether the equipment in the workshop is complete, whether the production line is complete, whether the parts of the equipment are in normal operation, and whether the raw materials are fresh. For example, since its establishment, it has built a 1,200-square-meter 100,000-level aseptic workshop in accordance with international GMPC standards to ensure that the product production process is not contaminated and the quality is guaranteed.

If a cosmetics OEM manufacturer has a good management mechanism, clean workshop environment and good equipment, then the processing technology will not be too bad.

Third, look at after-sales service

For all walks of life now, the quality of service is an important criterion for judging the enterprise. For cosmetics OEM manufacturers, it is no exception. Whether there is good after-sales service is also a point worth paying attention to. The specific performance in the early stage of cooperation depends on the service attitude and professionalism. After the cooperation is over, we will make a telephone return visit to the customer to see whether the after-sales problem can be solved in time.

Therefore, when choosing cosmetics OEM manufacturers, you must pay attention to the above three points. Good manufacturers will bring good products and good cooperation experience. Therefore, you must be careful when choosing to ensure smooth follow-up cooperation.

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