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How to choose a good tattoo machine?

by:Qinmei     2022-08-23

I often hear some tattoo colleagues say: as long as you have the ability, any machine can make good works! I don't think it's right. Different quality products used by embroiderers with similar skills can make eyebrows very different. So, how to distinguish between good and bad tattoo machines?

An embroidery machine is an important tool for tattooists to tattoo eyebrows. The quality of the embroidery machine is very important. It should not be wrongly selected due to the clever packaging and misleading advertising slogans. The quality selection must start from the following aspects:

1. Machine noise, the tattoo machine is supposed to have a lot of noise, which will make the tattoo artist and customers uneasy, especially the customers, who will not relax, causing mental tension, accelerated skin shrinkage, and good adhesion of pigments. There will be a tingling sensation. Therefore, the noise level is an important indicator for the purchase of the machine. Usually, the running pmu tattoo pen is about one meter away from the customer, and the principle is that the customer does not feel obvious irritability, otherwise it is too noisy.

2. The speed of the machine, the speed of the embroidery machine is related to the size of the customer's pain, the faster the speed, the less pain. At present, the wide range of tattoo machines on the market can adjust the speed of 3-5 gears. The new generation of tattoo machines developed can be infinitely adjusted, and customers basically feel no pain. When purchasing the machine for inspection, start the needle on the eyebrow tattoo machine, and draw the needle back and forth on the cardboard. The sound of dense cloth means that the speed is fast, otherwise it is relatively slow.

3. To judge whether the embroidery machine is stable or not, the visual method is generally used; the length of the needle should be consistent, and there should be no feeling that the needle is suddenly long or short. Then pull out the needle cover to check whether the needle is discharged when the machine is turned on. On a straight line (same needle), the fineness of the line and the degree of flow during operation depend on the stability of the tattoo machine. Assuming that the needle tip rotates into a fan shape, it means that the needle is not stable, and the needle is able to control the depth of the needle tip into the skin to be consistent, so as to avoid the tattoo artist's improper use of the needle tip to penetrate the skin too deeply.

4. Body design, the tattoo machine is a hand-held tool. In order to facilitate the flexible use of the tattoo artist, the body design is very important. The hand feels comfortable and concise. The design must be precise and flexible, and the center of gravity should be stable in the center. Most of the popular designs in the market use straight pen designs, which are easy to use for a long time without fatigue.

5. The use time, the use time of the tattoo machine, affects the economic benefits of the tattoo artist, the noise of the tattoo machine, and whether the speed is stable. Whether there is any equipment to avoid the backflow of the color material will affect the usage time of the tattoo machine. At present, some merchants on the market deliberately increase the speed of the machine to a high level to show the performance of the machine, misleading many tattooists, but ignoring the increase in the repair rate.

The quality of the machine has little to do with the price. Buying a few thousand or tens of thousands of machines is not necessarily a good machine. There are also good products for hundreds of machines. Choose a good machine.

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