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How to choose cosmetic OEM and cosmetic processing factory?

by:Qinmei     2022-08-29
According to the statistics of 2019, there are about 5,000 enterprises with cosmetics production qualifications in the country. Guangdong accounts for more than 50% of the national total, of which enterprises with cosmetics production qualifications account for 70%. There are a total of 1,791 enterprises, of which Baiyun The district accounts for 76% of the 1,791, and there are 1,373 enterprises. From these data, it can be seen that Baiyun District has the largest scale of enterprises with cosmetics production qualifications. All the above pmu cosmetic production needs can be found in Baiyun District.

So how do we choose a reliable pmu cosmetic OEM manufacturer among the many pmu cosmetic production enterprises? Here, I analyze a few points based on the experience of working in the cosmetic production industry for more than ten years:

1. Employee competence.
All enterprises must be people-oriented, because talents are an important factor in the development of enterprises. Cosmetics manufacturers mainly focus on product development, that is, laboratories, and technicians. Technicians look at education and qualifications, as well as other key points. Position, design, development quality inspection, administrator, etc.

2. Type of business
The type of enterprise depends on the product positioning of the enterprise. The product positioning of each enterprise is different. Select the corresponding production enterprise according to its own product positioning needs. Make the product better; for example, if you want to process a hair tonic, but you find a company specializing in facial masks, although it is said that it can be made, it is definitely not as good as specializing in hair tonic.

3. Product quality
The main components of cosmetic production are water and raw materials. For cosmetic production water, all water sources must be filtered to remove impurities and microorganisms in the water. It is necessary to check whether the manufacturer pays attention to filtering and purifying water, and then the relevant details of the raw materials, including stability. Sexual test results, microbial test data, source of raw materials, and relevant certificates. The most feared thing in cosmetic processing is the problem of product quality, which affects the supply of goods

4. Production capacity
Production capacity is the most important item to evaluate the efficiency and production capacity of all factories. It mainly depends on the scale of the factory, the number of people in production, and the production capacity of machinery and equipment. This is known to production and processing, and needless to say.

5. Production environment
Needless to say, inspect the antibacterial procedures of the production workshop to ensure the cleanliness, disinfection and sterilization of the product production environment.
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