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How to choose embroidery color? How to distinguish the pros and cons of pigments

by:Qinmei     2022-07-24

How to choose embroidery color? How to distinguish the pros and cons of pigments

If the tattoo artist randomly finds an embroidery agency as his source of purchase, generally speaking, he will not know his pigment very well. For tattoo artists, sometimes they pay great attention to the details of their usual techniques, so why not color them? If the pigments used are not appropriate, what about embroidery that only focuses on techniques and techniques? Then let's take a look at how to distinguish the pros and cons of colorants.

Embroidery pigments, in terms of effect, high-quality pigments are easier to color, the color is more uniform, matches the skin, and has a lot of hygienic guarantees, while inferior pigments are generally When coloring, although the color is very bright, the initial effect is not much different from the normal colorant, but it is prone to discoloration in the later stage. The kind of red and blue eyebrows we are talking about are largely caused by inferior pigments.

There are many pigments on the market that are shoddy, especially many imported tattoo pigments are inferior pigments. In fact, everyone has the idea that foreign monks can recite sutras, but in fact, there are many high-quality pigments in China, such as natural plant pigments for public welfare tattoos. But there are also many pigments produced by small factories and workshops. Basically, many manufacturers master their own core technologies and products, control sales channels, and the specific processing tasks are processed by other manufacturers. These inferior pigments have some common characteristics, that is, they do not have the address of the manufacturer. The production company and contact information cannot be found. There are no enforced standards. There is no production license, no Weizhuang license.

For tattoo pigments, the pigments that the tattoo artist finds must be the pigments from reliable and regular manufacturers. Of course, although the cost will increase, it can provide customers with higher protection for tattooing.

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