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How to choose tattoo pigments?

by:Qinmei     2022-07-24

Embroidery color material selection

Today, I will discuss with you how to choose tattoo dyes

Many tattoo artists will ask me how to choose the pigment and how to ensure that the pigment will not turn red or blue in the later stage.

First of all, I will share with you why some eyebrows turn red and blue later after they are done.

Post-brow redness:

1: Because of the pigment itself, the stability of the pigment itself is not good.

2: Oily skin has large pores, secretes more oil, and is slow to color. Oily skin metabolizes faster than other skin types. If you use a lighter coffee color, the color will gradually turn red over time.

Post bluish brows:

1: The pigment used contains too much melanin and the color is too dark.

2: During the operation, the needle enters the skin too deeply, the amount of bleeding is large, and the colorant and blood are combined, and it is easy to turn blue after a long time.

To sum up: If the color material you are using now has customers who report redness in the later period, it is recommended to change the color material brand. The redness is mainly related to the pigment itself, and the color of the good quality pigment gradually fades and metabolizes in the later stage.

The color of the eyebrows is coffee, brown, and gray. If you are worried about redness, you can choose more gray operations.

What to do with already red, blue eyebrows?

Red eyebrows: It is difficult to remove eyebrows with laser machine washing. Light-colored red eyebrows can be directly manipulated. For those with a heavy background, use green coffee to change the color first, and then operate the target color after finishing.

Blue eyebrows: Blue eyebrows with heavy background color, machine wash with laser, and then operate after washing. If the color is light, you can use orange coffee to change the color, and then operate the target color after finishing.

The color of eyebrow makeup should be selected according to the customer's skin color, hair color, pupil color, age, etc. At the same time, the classification and deployment ratio of eyebrow pigments should also be considered. Since the color of the eyebrow tattoo is reflected from under the skin, the same colorant will have different effects depending on the skin tone.

There are basically coffee color, gray color, brown color. Pure black cannot be used directly on the eyebrows.

Colorants are divided into: paste, more viscous. Suitable for manual needle operation.

Pigment: The consistency like lotion, between paste and liquid, can be used by hand and machine.

Liquid Pigment: State like water. Machine-specific pigments. (pictured above)

If you are still confused about the choice of pigments, try ours. (Tmall searches the flagship store of Yashiyan)

Judging from various experiments and the post-production effects of real people, there is no phenomenon of redness and blueness in our pigments. Parents can rest assured to buy and use boldly.

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