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How to choose the most natural eyebrow tattoo color?

by:Qinmei     2022-11-02

What you lack is not your beauty, but the eyebrows that set off your temperament. The eyebrows are the first of the facial features. The eyebrows of different colors show different temperament effects. The eyebrow shape is selected based on your personality, facial features, clothing, and preferences.

Many girls always feel that the eyebrows they make are not beautiful enough. Have you ever thought that the reason is not the wrong eyebrow shape, but the eyebrow color? Because the eyebrow color selection is very important, today I will share how to choose the eyebrow color:

Normal skin tone and hair color are suitable for color: Orientals generally have yellow skin tone, neither as white as Europeans and Americans, nor as black as Africans, and their hair color rarely has very rich black, so people with such skin tone and hair color are suitable for use Dark gray or dark brown eyebrow tattoo pigment.

Suitable color for dark skin and dark hair: Such people give people a darker overall tone, so when choosing the color of the eyebrows, it needs to be darker to be obvious. You can choose natural gray and add a small amount of black eyebrow tattoo color.

The skin tone is white and the hair color is yellow. Suitable colors: Some people have white skin and yellow hair. When tattooing eyebrows, you can choose natural gray pigments and add a little brown. The effect will be more natural and suitable for the overall tone.

When choosing a color for eyebrow tattoos, it is best not to choose a single color. An experienced eyebrow tattoo artist will adjust the suitable eyebrow tattoo color according to the skin color, eyebrow shape and consumer preferences, so that it will be natural, and simply use dark gray or The black pigment is used to tattoo the eyebrows, and the effect after the tattoo is not dull and unreal.

In addition, you should tell the tattoo artist about your usual makeup habits and makeup concentration, and whether the hair color will change later, so that the tattoo artist can better choose the color according to your situation. Some young ladies want to tattoo a very light eyebrow shape. Later, they like makeup + color. Some young ladies like to tattoo a just right color, and they do not want to draw eyebrows after makeup. Like this kind of special preference, you have to say it~

After tattooing the eyebrows, the plain face will not feel very light, and the three-dimensionality and clarity of the person will be improved, that is, there is a feeling of facial features from blurred to clear.

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