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How to choose the right eyebrow shape for you?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-24

Presumably everyone is afraid that most of the eyebrow tattoos come from the following points: 1. Will it be very dark after the tattoo? 2. The eyebrow shape is not suitable for you at all? 3. The color of the eyebrow tattoo will not be chosen?

This time, I will popularize how to find the right eyebrow shape for you! I have summarized the following points for the sisters:

1. Eyebrow style

Everyone has different conditions, different needs, face shape, body shape, temperament, bone appearance, and dressing style. Therefore, it is necessary to design the most suitable eyebrow shape according to the customer's own conditions and style.

2. Brow radian

Basically, we Chinese people are suitable for a soft radian, and the radian of the eyebrow must be in line with the proportion of the eyebrow bone and facial features. One-word eyebrows are not suitable for our Chinese face shape, straight eyebrows will only widen the facial shape and make the face look bigger.

2. Thickness of eyebrows

The thickness of the eyebrows depends on the size of your eyes. If you have small and thick eyebrows, your eyes will be smaller, and the thin eyebrows can be elongated to make your face smaller. Eyebrow tattoos can be thicker. The principle of tattooing eyebrows is that it is better to be thin than thick.

4. Eyebrows Color

The color of the eyebrows must be suitable for your skin tone and hair color. You can choose gray-brown. It is not recommended that the tattoo is too brown. The color is better light than dark! You can make up the color if it is light, and you can change it if you don’t like it. It’s best to leave room for change.

You can go to the Internet to find a picture of your favorite eyebrow shape, choose the eyebrow shape you like, and then draw an outline to see if it matches your preferences. You can show it to the tattoo artist when you tattoo. But don't blindly imitate the eyebrows on other people's faces, after all, everyone's facial features are different.

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