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How to choose the right eyebrow tattoo machine for tattoo artists

by:Qinmei     2022-04-23

The eyebrow tattooing machine is very important for the tattoo artist. Although the eyebrow tattooing machine is taught, it needs to be used for the coloring of the eyebrows, eyes and lips. A good eyebrow tattooing machine is not only fast in coloring, but also durable , in the end how to choose a good eyebrow tattoo machine? We are basically listening to the introduction of merchants. I believe that any merchant will say that the products they buy are good. Is there a standard to judge? There must be. Today I will teach you a few ways to judge the quality of the eyebrow tattoo machine. For everyone:

1. Select the rotational speed of the eyebrow tattooing machine. All eyebrow tattooing machines are rotated by the motor. An oblique drive shaft is installed on the bearing of the motor, and the transmission of the eyebrow tattooing machine is driven by the oblique crankshaft. part, the needle moves up and down. The higher the speed of the motor, the faster the needle will be released. The faster the needle is released, the more times the needle penetrates the skin, and the coloring will be faster, otherwise it will be slower. The way to judge the speed of the eyebrow tattooing machine is, after installing the eyebrow tattooing machine, turn it on and move the needle at a constant speed on the white paper. After passing the empty needle, look at the density of the needle eye. The denser the needle eye, the faster the speed, and vice versa. slower.

2. The strength of the eyebrow tattoo machine, the strength of the machine is also very important for coloring. If the eyebrow tattoo machine without strength encounters resistance, the speed will slow down, and the depth of penetration into the skin is not enough. In this way, the color will not be changed. The method of judging the strength is to use the empty needle on the paper, but you can use appropriate force to see the depth of the eyebrow tattoo machine piercing the paper. If the depth is enough, the speed is fast, then the strength of the eyebrow tattoo machine is no problem. .

3. The stretch degree of the needle of the eyebrow tattooing machine is about 2 mm, which is the most reasonable. If it is less than 1.5 mm, it will easily cause the pigment to contaminate the skin, which is not easy to observe. The position where the needle is inserted, so that the operation is accurate.

4. It is best to choose a disposable color nozzle, do not choose a metal nozzle that can be reused. Repeated use will increase the chance of cross infection, because many bacteria and viruses cannot be disinfected. completely killed.

5. The eyebrow tattooing machine must be equipped with automatic needle adjustment and current adjustment function, because the length of the needle itself can be adjusted more easily to install the needle, and the current adjustment function is mainly used when the voltage is too low Yes, many people who don't know will say that the speed can be slowed down when tattooing eyebrows. This is wrong, but whether it is eyebrow coloring, eyeliner or lip coloring is the same principle. The faster the machine rotates, the better.

6. The needle locking device must be safe, otherwise the flying needle will accidentally injure the guest, especially when doing the cosmetic contact line, the flying needle will damage the eyes, and if the needle reaches the eyeball, it may cause blindness (in tattoo cosmetic surgery) In the early days, it was because of the flying needles of the eyebrow tattoo machine that caused blindness in the eyes), the safest thing about the locking needle device is that it is relatively safe to put the needle in and it will not be easily pulled out by hand, no matter how safe the needle is, We also need to use it correctly in operation, and pay attention that the needle tip should never be facing the eyes of the guests, just in case.

7. The noise of the eyebrow tattooing machine should not be too loud. Too much noise will make the guests nervous, and the noise will sound comfortable.

8. The appearance of the eyebrow tattooing machine must have texture, and the guests will also look classy.

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