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How to choose the tattoo color cream? The tattoo color material OEM factory will teach you

by:Qinmei     2022-10-20

Tattoo embroidery is the implantation of pigment into the tissue of the skin, which slowly becomes a stable color block. Care should be taken when choosing pigments, as the use of irregular pigments may have certain adverse effects on the skin.

Guangzhou Embroidery Pigment OEM Factory will first explain to you which types of pigments are mainly used in the market:

1. Chemical pigments

Chemical pigments are prepared using chemicals and contain a lot of metal components and chemical components. Most of them are used for old-fashioned tattoos and tattoos. We often see moms in the '60s with a blue/red eyebrow print that's a remnant of old-fashioned tattoos. This is not only prone to allergies, but also has a lot of heavy metal residues.

Once this colorant is used, the color cannot be faded, and the dark blue/dark red can only be washed off with a laser, and the washing process will be more painful.

Light-colored ones can be made a new one directly, but it is recommended not to use chemical colorants, otherwise it will cause further damage to the skin.

2. Animal pigments

This is a pigment extracted from the internal organs or hair and skin of animals/insects. It is one of the natural pigments. Compared with chemical pigments, it is more natural. However, the processing requirements of this pigment are extremely strict. If it is not thorough enough, it will have a greater impact on people who are prone to allergies.

3. Plant pigments

Plant pigments are the pigments used in authentic semi-permanent embroidery. Most of them are extracted from plants/fruits such as black sesame, flowers, and cocoa beans. They are extremely low in allergenicity and do not cause cancer. They are safer than animal pigments. 1 It can be metabolized naturally in ~3 years without leaving red or blue marks, so it has received a lot of popularity in recent years.

Unscrupulous merchants take advantage of this, and often use shoddy ones. It is common to use cheap chemical pigments to pretend to be plant pigments, or manufacturers make chemically mixed plant pigments in order to save costs, which has greatly affected the beauties. s damage.

4. Organic plant colorants

Organic plant pigments are the emerging semi-permanent pigments this year. Due to the high cost, the current domestic penetration rate is still very low. Organic plant/fruit extraction is used to retain the high-quality pigment quality while retaining the vitamin A of organic plants. , C and other skin care ingredients, not only do not harm the skin, but also make the skin repair better.

Next, Guangzhou tattoo color material OEM will teach you how to choose tattoo color cream!

First, identify from the product introduction description, the safety of plant-based pigments will be better. Irregular tattoo pigments add harmful chemicals, which are prone to adverse effects during use. Regular tattoo pigments do not add any harmful ingredients and are safer and more reliable. It is recommended to choose pigments with plant extracts.

Judging from the effect of use, the embroidery pigments with stable quality are ideal for color retention, easy to color, and help to improve the color retention rate.

From the perspective of brand influence, the industry well-known brands focusing on the field of tattoo and embroidery pigments will have high reliability. When tattooists choose tattoo pigments, it will be safer and more reliable to choose a tattoo pigment produced by a regular manufacturer with a certain influential brand!

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