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How to complement the eyebrow color? Second color supplement process of eyebrow tattoo

by:Qinmei     2022-11-26

The effect of eyebrow tattooing is good, so many people continue to do it. However, it is said that eyebrow tattooing is not finalized at one time, and needs to be replenished twice. The following describes how to replenish the second color of eyebrow tattoo. This operation is enough.

How to replenish color for eyebrow tattoo

Generally speaking, there needs to be a short recovery period after the eyebrow makeup is done, and the scabs will start to fall off on the 2nd to 5th day after the eyebrow tattoo. When the scabs fall off completely in about a week, the eyebrow shape will become natural.

After a month or so, it is necessary to carry out the second color supplement, such as thickening the brow, raising the peak of the eyebrow, and lengthening the tail of the eyebrow, etc., all of which can be proposed during the color supplement, and fine-tuned changes are made. After the color supplement is stable, the entire eyebrow shape is very ideal!

Then, what should be paid attention to when making up the eyebrows for the second supplementary color? What skills should the tattoo artist master when performing the operation?

1. Grasping the depth of needle insertion is the most important point in coloring: keep the needle inserted 1/3 of the treatment site evenly, and at the same time, frequently stain with coloring material.

2. Maintain the residence time of the pigment: After the pigment enters the skin, the excess pigment stays on the surface of the skin for no less than 30 seconds.

3. Pay attention to the method of wiping the excess color on the surgical site: first use a cotton pad to lightly absorb the color, and then gently wipe off the excess color.

What needs to be noted here is:

When the first coloring is restored, there will be light color, lack of color and other phenomena, which are all normal and need to be adjusted by the second color supplement in the later stage!

The first time is to test the degree of skin coloring and preliminary formation, the second time is to complement the color, and the skin metabolism after 28 days shows the final absorption degree of pigment!

The time for semi-permanent secondary complementary color scabbing and scabbing

After the beauty lovers have done the semi-permanent eyebrows, the scabs will usually form in about 3-5 days, and the time for the scabs to fall off is about 5-7 days. The time for scabbing is a process of skin self-repair, which is a natural physiological phenomenon. During the scab period, you can apply vitamin E ointment to soften the scab and speed up the fall of the scab.

Eyebrow supplementation will scab over, so pay attention to the scabbing time of the semi-permanent secondary supplementation.

Can eyebrows be tattooed during breastfeeding?

Eyebrow tattooing is to embroider the shape of the eyebrows by tattooing, and then inject the pigment into the subcutaneous tissue about 0.2-0.3cm to make the pigment adhere to the skin for a long time without fading, so as to achieve the purpose of beauty. The injected fuel will have a certain impact on milk , and it is not recommended to use drugs at will during breastfeeding. Local anesthetics will naturally be used in the process of eyebrow shaping, so the medicines used, such as anesthetics, will definitely be secreted through milk, which may affect the quality of milk. Children will eat However, if the child is older and you really want to embroider eyebrows, you can stop breastfeeding during this period and let the child eat some milk powder or meals.

eyebrow tattoo experience

In the past two years, eyebrow tattooing has been very popular. Today’s eyebrow tattooing is done in the circle of friends, and tomorrow’s eyebrow tattooing will be done. Haha, now that I’m a little older, I put on light makeup diligently every day. This involves eyebrow painting. I drew it Eyebrows are completely dependent on mood, good and bad, and then my cousin also had eyebrows done, and I felt quite natural! I struggled with it for a long time, and when I was extremely annoyed when I painted my eyebrows one morning, I decided to get my eyebrows tattooed. The current eyebrow tattoo is called semi-permanent.

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