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How to create gradient mist eyebrows? Advanced Fog Eyebrow Building Tips

by:Qinmei     2022-11-27

Why are the eyebrows you operate always stiff and rigid? Do you know what the customer's favorite gradient fog eyebrows look like? Have you fully mastered the techniques of operating gradient fog eyebrows? The following editor will tell you slowly.

Fog eyebrow gradient effect

For tattooists, mastering foggy eyebrows is a basic skill, especially foggy eyebrows are a trend at present, and consumers like foggy eyebrows, so we must do a good job of foggy eyebrows. The essence of misty eyebrows is the transition, from the brow head, eyebrow waist to eyebrow tail, the transition from light to dark should be natural. But how to make this gradient?

Gradient effect technique

1. The front end of the brow is the lightest part of the entire brow. Effect: colorless - a little bit.

2. It is the upper part of the brow body at the back end of the brow. Effect: light color at the back of the brow -- add a little thicker color to the connecting part of the brow body.

3. It is the lower part of the eyebrow body and the center of the eyebrow. Effect: The entire brow body is excessively dark and shallow, and the overall coloring is thick.

4. The tip and tail of the eyebrows are the heaviest color of the eyebrows. Effect: The color is solid and heavy, and the brow body is slightly excessively connected.

Live Eyebrow Operation

1. Needle insertion direction

The needle insertion angle should be as vertical as possible. In this way, the color material brought in by the needle can be applied effectively.

2. Needle insertion force

1. It just needs to be felt when it enters the skin, it will be lifted slightly, no bleeding, tissue fluid is allowed to flow out, there should be a sound of skin breaking and a sense of resistance needles.

2. Theoretical needle insertion depth: The depth of the needle's accurate penetration into the epidermis is about 0.03MM, and the depth of the needle insertion is between 0.02mm-0.05mm.

3. Needle speed

The speed of the needle movement should be uniform, and the rotation speed of the instrument should be proportional to the speed of the hand. Do not go too fast and cause the needle to run out.

4. Needle length

The needle should not be too long. Theoretically, the needle should be 1.5mm. If the needle is drawn out too long, the distance between the needle sheath and the skin will be too far, and the color milk in the needle sheath will not be exported normally, resulting in no coloring. Generally, the thickness of a one-yuan coin should be adjusted reasonably according to the cuticle of the customer.

Operation method:

Take the needle from the brow to the brow body. If you want to make the needle drop point in the middle of the brow, place the narrowing needle on the middle of the brow body. The narrowing point on the upper border of the eyebrow body is also recommended to be in the middle of the eyebrow body near the end of the eyebrow.

Pay attention when working on the eyebrow body: Generally speaking, there are relatively more eyebrows on the eyebrow body. Therefore, when operating the needle, try to concentrate the thickening effect on the part where the eyebrows are gathered. In this way, the partial position with eyebrows gathered looks thicker, and the gradient effect between up and down and in the middle can be further set off.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fog Eyebrows

When I do fog eyebrows, I always don’t get any color. If I do it a little more, the color will be heavy again. How can I avoid it?


Too light and too heavy techniques in operation are the reasons for the lack of coloring.


1. Needle insertion depth: The depth of the needle entering the epidermis is about 0.3MM, and the depth of the needle insertion is between 0.2mm-0.5mm. This depth is painless and less tissue fluid;

2. The strength of the needle insertion is just enough to feel that it has entered the skin, no bleeding, tissue fluid is allowed to flow out, the sound of skin breaking and the resistance of the needle feel are just right;

3. If the first pass does not apply color, it is recommended to choose to apply color to increase the chroma of the color in the second pass. Multiple passes are not recommended.

What should I do if the scab is too thick after the mist eyebrow operation?


When the wound is touched many times during the operation, and the force is too heavy, resulting in more bleeding and tissue fluid, the scabs in the recovery period will be too thick, causing the scabs to fall off piece by piece.


1. Control the intensity. Slight bleeding is the best during operation. This kind of wound surface heals the fastest and the scab is thin;

2. Pay attention to nursing care. There will be a certain amount of tissue fluid oozing out of the area after the operation. The customer needs to sit for 20 minutes longer, help her apply the repair essence, wait for a minute and then wipe it off, and prepare a wet cotton pad for the customer before going out, so as to Prevent tissue fluid from flowing out.

3. After the operation, remind customers to apply repair products regularly, and wash their face normally 12 hours after the operation is completed.

It's been a month since I made my eyebrows foggy, and the color is a bit dark. Is the only way to do it is to wash the eyebrows?


The hand strength is too heavy during the operation, resulting in the color being too dark in the later stage.


1. If the eyebrow shape is acceptable, but the color is a little darker, you can use an empty needle to go over the entire eyebrow first, and then go through it again on the darker part.

Remember, the strength of the hand must be well controlled, so that a layer of scab like dander can be formed, and it will be natural when it falls off naturally~

2. If the eyebrow shape is not ideal and the color is too dark, it is recommended to wash it off.

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