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How to deal with dry mouth after lip rinsing How to deal with dry mouth after rinsing lips

by:Qinmei     2022-12-01

Floating lips are one of the more popular types of semi-permanent lips. Everyone's skin is different. Some people tend to have dry or even chapped lips after bleaching their lips. Faced with dry lips after bleaching lips, many people are at a loss. What to do with dry lips after bleaching lips?

After lip bleaching, some precautions are not paid attention to. The precautions after lip bleaching may cause chapped phenomenon; some people have dry lips due to skin discomfort, so you can try it if your lips are dry after lip bleaching. Try the following methods to resolve the confusion.

Pure aloe vera gel replenishes moisture

The natural aloe vera gel has moisturizing, soothing, calming and protective effects on the skin. When the mouth is very dry after lip rinsing, it needs more moisture and protection. Therefore, you can apply a little aloe vera gel to replenish the moisture of the lips and relieve the dryness of the lips.

Note: Because a lot of aloe vera gel contains water, and after lip rinsing, you can’t use water to prevent infection. Therefore, beauty lovers need to wait until the lips are healed and the scabs fall off before using aloe vera gel.

avoid spicy food

If your lips are dry after lip bleaching, you must avoid spicy food (chili, pepper, mustard, pepper, green onion, ginger, etc.) in your diet, because spicy food can easily cause lip sensitivity, which will aggravate dry lips after lip bleaching symptom. So, if your mouth is dry after bleaching your lips, don't eat spicy food for a momentary pleasure.

Apply lip balm to prevent dryness and cracking

If the lips of beauty lovers are dry after bleaching their lips, they can apply moisturizing lipstick. Lip balm can protect the lips, and can also play a role in moisturizing and moisturizing, and solve the problem of dry mouth after lip bleaching. People with very dry lips after bleaching their lips can carry a lip balm with them to relieve dry and cracked lips. You can apply it every night before going to bed, so that the moisturizing effect is better.

Note: In the special period when the mouth is very dry after bleaching the lips, use a lipstick that does not contain fragrance pigments and preservatives. It does not irritate the skin, and the moisturizing effect is also very good.

Eat more vegetables and fruits to moisturize

The reason why the mouth is very dry after lip bleaching may also be caused by not eating fresh fruits and vegetables, because vitamin B2 in fruits and vegetables can maintain the humidity of the lip mucosa and improve the moisturizing ability of the lip mucosa. It is recommended that people with dry lips after lip bleaching must eat more fruits and vegetables rich in water and vitamin B, such as pears, water chestnuts, and lotus roots, or insist on taking an appropriate amount of B vitamin tablets every day, so that the phenomenon of dry lips will be quickly relieved.

Apply honey to prevent dryness and peeling

If the lips are very dry after lip tattooing, you can apply honey on the lips. Honey can nourish the skin and inhibit the growth of bacteria, so it is a good skin care product. You can try dipping a little honey with a cotton swab and applying it on your lips, which can effectively solve the phenomenon of chapped and peeling lips.

Note: Diabetics are not suitable to use honey and can replace it with vegetable oil. In addition, some honey products on the market have the phenomenon of watering, and honey should be used after the scab has recovered after lip bleaching.

drink water to replenish water

When the body lacks moisture, the lips will become very dry after lip bleaching. Only after the body's moisture is replenished, the lips will not be particularly dry. It is recommended that people with very dry mouth after lip bleaching should also develop a good habit of drinking plenty of water, so that the hydration from the inside to the outside can achieve better results.

Note: Do not drink a lot of water at once, because after a person drinks water, the water enters the person's blood circulation and is then filtered by the kidneys. If you drink too much water at once, you can't keep too much water at one time, and most of the water will be excreted through urine. Therefore, rehydrate in small amounts over time.

Vaseline repairs chapped mouth

If beauty lovers find their mouths are dry after bleaching their lips, they can use Vaseline lipstick to apply on their lips in the morning and evening skin care. Vaseline is a closed and cost-effective moisturizer. When the mouth is very dry after lip rinsing, use Vaseline as a lip balm before going to bed. It can repair the chapped mouth after rinsing the lips and restore the moisture to the lips as soon as possible. Glossy state.

Questions and answers about floating lips
Q: My mouth is dry after bleaching, can I wash my lips with alcohol?
Answer: No, the more it gets dry, you can use some lip balm and olive oil appropriately.
Q: What is the reason why the lips are dry and painful after 6 days of lip bleaching?
Answer: Normal. It is estimated that after lip bleaching, it will return to normal in 2-3 months. If the physique is not very good, it will last for about 4-5 months, or longer.
Q: Is it normal for the lips to dry out 3 days after bleaching?
Answer: Normally, no drugs should be applied to the lips after lip bleaching. The recipient should continue to take oral and intravenous antibiotics for 3-5 days. After bleaching the lips, often use cotton balls soaked in gentamicin to clean the lips, which can speed up the healing of the wound.
Q: How to deal with the blisters on the lips after lip bleaching?
Answer: Most of the blisters after lip bleaching are caused by inflammation. The treatment method is as follows: 1. Anti-inflammatory treatment, which is to strengthen the antibacterial agent. 2. When the blister is large, a single needle can be used to puncture the surface of the blister, grind it into powder with a metronidazole tablet, and then mix it into a paste with an auxiliary agent, and apply it on the blister. 20-30 minutes. Oral prociclovir.
Q: What are the benefits of bleaching lips?
Answer: It can outline the lip shape and modify the lip color, so as to achieve the effect of beautiful lips.

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