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How to deal with sensitive skin and aging skin when doing semi-permanent

by:Qinmei     2022-12-13

Semi-permanent is a popular item in the beauty industry now. The rapid development of semi-permanent technology has made it more and more accepted by people. The number of people trained in semi-permanent is gradually increasing, and beauty lovers are also willing to do semi-permanent items. Although the semi-permanent project is more popular, for the tattoo artist, the semi-permanent project will also have a difficult situation. I believe that the tattoo artist will find it very troublesome when encountering sensitive skin and aging skin. If you encounter these two kinds of skin, what should you do? What to do? Next, the editor will give you some tips.

Sensitive skin and how to deal with it

Sensitive skin: Thin skin, prone to allergies, obvious red blood streaks; prone to redness, general temperature changes, cold or overheating, the skin is prone to redness and heat; easy to be stimulated by environmental factors, seasonal changes and facial skin care products. Sensitive skin is more caused by the use of hormonal cosmetics.


1. Man-made injuries caused by geographical reasons, such as thin and transparent skin, exposed red blood, the cutin of this type of skin is very thin, easy to break, and easy to bleed. When operating manually, pay attention to the strength of the technique and increase the number of operations. It is not advisable to choose too strong colors, such as: dark coffee, black coffee.

2. Acquired skin, improper skin care, and irregular eating and sleeping habits will all lead to skin dehydration, resulting in peeling and sensitivity. Among young people today, such people account for a large proportion. This type of skin is commonly used in floating eyebrow techniques, and it is not suitable to do too deep or too thick, and avoid too dark and thick scabs in the later stage. This type of skin should use light shades.

Aging skin and how to deal with it

Aging skin: It generally manifests as decreased function of skin tissue, weakened elasticity, dullness, reduction and thinning of subcutaneous tissue, loose and sagging skin, increased wrinkles, and increased pigmentation. The disadvantage of this type of skin is that the skin is too loose, has poor elasticity, and is easy to smudge and fade in the later stage. There are two reasons for aging skin, one is too much sun exposure, and the other is natural aging.


1. The horny skin of the skin exposed to too much sun is hard, so you can use a little more force in the technique; on the contrary, the skin of the naturally aging guests will be easily damaged, so the force should be light, and this type of skin can also be operated with the instrument.

2. For older customers, it is generally recommended to use dark tones. First, it looks more dignified, and second, aging skin itself is not easy to absorb color, and rich colors are easier to retain in the later stage.

When the tattoo artist encounters allergic skin and aging skin, it is easy to cause skin damage when doing semi-permanent projects. These two types of skin can be resolved according to the above methods when doing semi-permanent skin. Tattoo artists will encounter various problems when doing semi-permanent projects. For more semi-permanent technical knowledge, please consult Xinyu Color Semi-permanent Training School.

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