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How to deal with the phenomenon that the color of floating lips is too red: 4 correct methods

by:Qinmei     2022-11-30

As girls are becoming more and more ambiguous, lip bleaching surgery is gradually accepted by people. Lip bleaching can change the lip color and make the lips more sexy and charming, which is very popular among people. Some girls feel that the color of their lips is too red and too deep after bleaching their lips. How to lighten the color of their lips when they are too red and too deep? So what should I do if the color of my lips is too red?

Why is the semi-permanent lip makeup too red after surgery? It is because the semi-permanent lip makeup is done without following the formal semi-permanent lip makeup operation steps. It may also be caused by some post-operative nursing work, or the tattoo artist has not received professional semi-permanent training. The level is not enough. Why is the color of floating lips too red?

accumulation of blood

Some people find that the lip color is reddish or dark after lip bleaching, which is mostly related to the accumulation of congestion. It is normal to have congestion on the lips after lip bleaching. Generally, as long as the post-operative care is taken, the congestion will slowly disappear in about a week. Slowly fading, lip color will return to normal.

What to do if the lip color is too red

Girls, if you find the color is too red after lip bleaching, you can first judge whether the color is too red due to congestion. If the lip color is too dark due to congestion, then the congestion will dissipate within a week and the color will return to normal. up. If it is found that the color of the bleached lips is too dark after one month of recovery, you can perform a second color supplement to change to a lighter color or use laser to lighten the lip color to achieve the effect of lightening the lip color.

1. If your lips are too red, you can wait for them to return to normal

Generally, the color of the lip after bleaching is reddish or darker, most of which are caused by the accumulation of blood. This is the normal reaction of the body to blood congestion after acupuncture. The blood congestion will gradually subside in about a week. Do well after surgery. Nursing work can effectively relieve the congestion, and the congestion will gradually fade away.

The secondary color lightens the color

If after a week of lip bleaching, the color of the lips is still too red, then a second complementary color can be performed to change the color of the lips to a lighter color. The best time to replenish the color is three months after the first lip bleaching. This is because the tattoo artist should pay attention to only a slight color change when replenishing the color, and pay attention to precise operation when bleaching the lips, so as not to cause irreparable mistakes due to mistakes. The case where the lip color is too red.

3. After lip bleaching, the color is too red, use laser to remove pigment

If the lip color is too red after lip bleaching, and the lip color cannot be repaired by the method of complementary color, you can consider using laser to wash off the excess pigment. Laser depigmentation is mainly to use the high energy emitted by the laser instantaneously to make the pigment particles on the lips expand and split after absorbing the energy. Part of the pigment will split into finer particles and be excreted from the body. It is discharged through the lymphatic system, so that the problem of red lips after lip bleaching can be solved. It should be noted that laser color removal only needs to be done once, and excessive laser color removal will easily cause the lip bleaching to lose its effect.

4. The color is too red with peeling and urgent treatment is needed

For beauty lovers, if the lip color is not simply red after lip bleaching (for example, accompanied by peeling phenomenon), it may be caused by bacterial infection of the wound, causing inflammation. If this happens, it is best to seek medical attention immediately Check, so that the doctor can judge the abnormal situation in time, and solve the problem of red lips as soon as possible.

5. What should be paid attention to after lip bleaching

Some beauty lovers feel that their scabbed lips are weird during the recovery period, so they simply put on a mask when they go out. In fact, the masks that are often used are not very clean. If the masks are used frequently and are not cleaned in time, viruses and bacteria are easy to breed on the masks, which is more likely to lead to bacterial infection of the lips, causing inflammation and infection, leading to peeling of the lips and even other discomfort symptoms.

Questions and answers about semi-permanent lips
Q: After half a year of lip surgery, my lips turn black, can I wash them with laser?
A: Improper use of color will cause the lips to turn black. You can use a low-power laser to scan the lip surface slightly to speed up cell metabolism. When making lips, control the needle and needle, choose high quality
Pigment, good post-care will not be a problem.
Q: Do I need to use a leave-in film after finishing my lips?
Answer: Yes, just apply a layer after the operation. The color-retaining film is applied to prevent bacteria and achieve better color retention. After the period, touch the water normally.
Q: The lips turned black just after the procedure, is it because the hands have re-entered the needle deeply?
Answer: You can do it after a week, but you need to pay attention not to eat seafood or drink alcohol for 1-3 days after eyebrow tattooing to prevent allergic redness; do not peel off the scab by hand, otherwise it will form
Scars; apply anti-inflammatory drugs after tattooing to prevent infection.
Q: How long does it take for the scabs to fall off after lip bleaching?
Answer: Scabs formed after lip bleaching. Lip bleaching surgery is a lip beauty treatment to make the color of the lips better reflect the beauty of oneself and make the curve of the lips more obvious.
Therefore, how long the color can be naturally after lip bleaching has become the concern of many female friends
Q: What is the effect of bleaching lips?
Answer: ?With lip bleaching, it not only outlines the lip shape that never fades, but also applies the lipstick that never fades. It always gives people a charming image of red lips, so it is loved by many beauty lovers.

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