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How to design high and low eyebrows? Learn to correct design skills in three minutes

by:Qinmei     2022-11-30

Many tattoo artists are troubled by a problem, that is, when making eyebrows, the eyebrows can't always be drawn symmetrically. One is high and the other is low, and one is long and the other is short. These are common problems. In fact, 95% of people in real life have high and low eyebrows, 60% of them have high right eyebrows, 35% have high left eyebrows, and the remaining 5% have the same level of left and right eyebrows. Therefore, it is normal for tattoo artists to often encounter customers with asymmetrical eyebrows. So how to design high and low eyebrows?

Four factors that affect the height of eyebrows

1. The location of eyebrow growth is different;

2. The strength of eyebrow muscles is different;

3. The height of the brow bone is different;

4. Inconsistent degree of sunken temples leads to asymmetrical length of left and right eyebrows.

Preparation before designing eyebrow shape

Design posture:

It is recommended to let the customer stand to design her eyebrows.

Client status:

People with eyes open and expressive muscles have different eyebrow shapes when they open their eyes and close them.

Necessary for design:

A ruler and an eyebrow pencil.

Steps to design a symmetrical eyebrow shape

1. Start from the balance and symmetry of the corresponding position of the brow

2. Then find the upper balance position of the brow frame

And pay attention to draw the position of the eyebrow peak on the side, and mark the eyebrow peak point.

3. Then find the balanced position under the brow frame

4. The next step is to make the eyebrows symmetrical

After determining the 5 key points of eyebrows, upper eyebrow frame, eyebrow front, lower eyebrow frame, and eyebrow tail, after making symmetry, the length of the two eyebrows and the position of the eyebrow peak have been determined.


Remember not to keep the eyebrows parallel to the forehead hairline. If the gap between the height of the two eyebrows is too large, don't pursue symmetry too much. It is recommended not to use flat eyebrows, which will increase the sense of asymmetry.

Essential Tips for Tattoo Artists

When designing eyebrows, tattoo artists must not impose their wishes on customers. When some customers are particularly assertive, we must patiently listen to their requirements while giving them professional advice.

Also, when the eyebrow shape is drawn and the symmetry is checked, you can talk to the customer. One is to alleviate the customer's fatigue while waiting for the eyebrow thrashing time, and the other is to see the movement of the customer's two eyebrows when she speaks and smiles, whether she raises the left eyebrow or the right eyebrow when she speaks, so as to make more accurate Adjustment.

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