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How to distinguish the inferior tattoo pigments on the market?

by:Qinmei     2022-07-25

How to distinguish the inferior tattoo pigments on the market?

Jinyuan Tattoo has been engaged in the tattoo industry for several years. I can tell you responsibly that most of the pigments used by tattoo artists are imported from abroad, but the actual situation is that 98% of them are The domestic pigments of Mead in China are more serious. Among the 98% of the domestic pigments, at least 90% are made by small factories! I believe everyone knows what the term OEM means. Generally speaking, it means production on behalf of others. Its basic meaning can be directly defined as the producers of this brand will not directly produce the products of the brand, but will use their own The key core technologies currently in hand are only responsible for the design and development of new products, and strictly control the sales channels in their own hands. However, the specific processing work will be entrusted to other companies in the same industry through the contract system. to produce.

Generally speaking, this kind of inferior embroidery pigment will have the following problems

, There is no clear manufacturer's address, and some even do not have the manufacturer's address directly. Of course, the company's name and contact information are not available, and it is certainly impossible to search on the Internet.

The second point is that there are several basic and important qualification certificates, such as production license, hygiene license, and makeup license.

And there is one thing in the market, these tattoo and embroidery pigments claiming to be imported from abroad are generally cheap. The wholesale price in the market is generally less than 30 yuan per bottle, which is self-evident. The cost price is lower!

One easy way to distinguish is that the color material processed by the agent can be directly judged by its external packaging. For example, there is a brand of color material packaged with diamonds on the market, which can directly tell you that foreigners will not have such a brand. Design tastefully!

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