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How to do men's eyebrow tattoos Men's semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo methods and techniques

by:Qinmei     2022-11-26

There are many semi-permanent training schools, most of which explain the operation method of semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing for girls. There is no in-depth analysis and teaching for male eyebrows. For tattoo beginners, due to lack of experience, it will be difficult to do men's eyebrows in it. How should men's eyebrows be done? Take a look at the professional semi-permanent training Xinyu Color Beauty Academy's method of tattooing men's eyebrows:

Are men suitable for semi-permanent surgery? Can men learn semi-permanent? In most people's minds, the default for semi-permanent is girls. Men learn semi-permanently, almost none. Men also have semi-permanent people, and men's eyebrows are relatively semi-permanent. Difficult and rare. Many tattoo artists did not learn how to operate men's eyebrows during semi-permanent training, and general semi-permanent training schools rarely teach them. Let's take a look at the operation method of men's eyebrow tattooing.

1. Eyebrow design is the key

Whether the effect of men's eyebrows is ideal or not depends on the design of the eyebrows. Many men's eyebrows are generally disorganized. To make men's eyebrows, you must first trim the eyebrows, and then design the eyebrow shape conveniently. According to the characteristics of your own eyebrows and the shape of the eyebrow arch, outline the eyebrow frame and shape it, and then start the follow-up operation.

Men's eyebrow shape design must not directly pull out the original eyebrows and break away from the eyebrow arch to create a new eyebrow, because in this way, when the expression changes and the eyebrow arch is raised, the created eyebrow will not move accordingly. This makes the eyebrows look unnatural.

2. The color of eyebrows is very important

There are many kinds of pigments used for men's eyebrows, such as dark and light brown, gray, black, coffee, etc., which need to be selected according to the color of hair and skin. Chinese hair color often has several colors mixed, some are dark gray, some are dark brown. Therefore, the color of the eyebrows should be suitable for each person. For those with black hair and darker skin, add one or two drops of black to natural gray; for those with yellowish hair and whiter skin, add one or two drops of brown to natural gray.

3. Appropriate weight and intensity of techniques

Men must follow the direction of eyebrow growth when making eyebrows, and master the depth, density and technique well. The color of the eyebrows and the tail of the eyebrows should be slightly lighter, and the density should be slightly sparse, while the color of the eyebrows should be heavier and denser, which means that the shades are suitable. If the eyebrows are dark and dense, the entire eyebrows will appear stiff and dull.

At the same time, pay attention to the natural connection of the transition between shades. If the boundary between shades of colors is too obvious, the eyebrows will be distorted. When making eyebrows, the technique should not be too deep or too dense, otherwise redness and blueness may appear in the later stage. It is not easy to color if it is too light, so the key lies in the technical skills and operating experience of the tattoo artist.

Questions and answers about eyebrow tattoos for men
Q: Can eyebrow tattoos be done naturally for men?
Answer: Yes, many men now have loose eyebrows, messy eyebrows, and many cases of broken eyebrows and broken eyebrows. The outline of the eyebrows is not obvious, and it looks dull, which affects the appearance, making people look not energetic and imposing. . Men's eyebrow tattoos can solve this problem.
Q: Does it look good for a man to get eyebrow tattooed?
Answer: If your eyebrows are flawed, or the shape is very ugly, it is recommended to change the shape through eyebrow tattooing to make yourself look better. A man's eyebrow tattoo will not make him look very feminine, but will make him more manly and temperamental.
Q: What is the practice of tattooing eyebrows for men?
Answer: For boys whose eyebrows are too messy and thick, it is mainly through trimming to turn the eyebrows into a beautiful shape. Generally speaking, there are two popular styles: 1. The type with a thinner end-relatively has a warm and masculine feel;
Q: How much is eyebrow tattooing for men?
Answer: The price is the same for men and women, but different products and different teacher skills are used to distinguish the price.
Q: Can men get their eyebrows tattooed?
Answer: Men can also have their eyebrows tattooed, but men's eyebrows have high requirements for natural and realistic eyebrows, and they should not be greedy for cheap. The now popular semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing technique can achieve very natural results. When choosing a studio or tattoo artist, you must look at their works. The effect of a good tattoo artist can be fake.

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