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How to draw a good line eyebrow on the practice skin? The correct operation steps of line eyebrow

by:Qinmei     2022-12-01

Many embroiderers are very good at misty eyebrows, color contact liners, and even lips. It's just line eyebrows but I dare not start. There are even some tattoo artists who have been practicing for two years, but their eyebrows are still in a mess. On the basis of the line arrangement steps in the previous issue, we will learn how to draw line eyebrows on the practice skin in this issue.

01 Prepare tools

blue imitation leather

Manual pens, pencils, sharpeners

Needle pieces, cotton swabs, toothpicks, oil

Finger rings, dyes, cotton pads, gloves

02 Operation method of line eyebrow

Push (right eyebrow): push the needle point towards you, the needle blade is vertical, mainly swing-draw-lift, gently release, slowly pull and then lift

Pull (left eyebrow shape): the needle point faces outward, pull toward the bosom, the needle blade is vertical, just swipe gently

Pay attention to details: just cut the skin, each line is evenly colored, less staining with coloring material, more frequent staining, no biased needles, pressure needles, pressure needles will damage the skin too deep and easily fade

03 After designing the eyebrow shape, just line it up inside

04 A few questions about line eyebrows

1. Is it difficult to operate imitation leather and modules, or is it difficult to skin?

Whether it's imitation leather or modules. The difficulty of operating line eyebrows is more difficult than that of real skin, because the resistance of the needle movement is much greater than that of the skin.

2. The painting on paper and imitation leather is very good, but not on skin.

There are two reasons for this. First, there are few real people operating, and the inner tension affects the performance. Second, on paper, imitation leather is stable and immobile, while real people have outlines and slopes, and the skin can move. The main reason is that I haven't found a support point for the operation and a method to stabilize the skin.

The support point of the operation

Generally speaking, it's all based on personal habits. Use the area between the hypertrophy of the palm of the working hand and the wrist joint as a support point.

firm skin

When stabilizing with your fingers, you only need to spread the force slightly. If you use too much force, it will cause the deformed eyebrow shape.

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