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How to draw line eyebrows? Teaching method of line eyebrow arrangement

by:Qinmei     2022-11-20

The effect of tattooing eyebrows is to be natural and flexible. Line eyebrows are very suitable for the needs of most users. The natural effect is more vivid than foggy eyebrows. Many embroiderers report that it is difficult to draw line eyebrows, and want to learn how to draw line eyebrows. Let's explain it from the line arrangement of line eyebrows.

How to draw line eyebrows?

We divide the line eyebrows into three parts: the brow head, the brow waist, and the brow tail to practice, so that the difficulty becomes smaller. For beginners, you can practice on a sketchbook first. brow exercises

brow practice

To draw the brow upwards, you can practice in groups, three lines in a group, practice the arrangement of the brows, and arrange the lines into a font.

Brow waist training

The way to draw the eyebrows and waists is to fall horizontally, first draw the upward lines, then start to draw flat, and then fall down. Connect in a Y shape. Note that the lines are flat, and the techniques are light and heavy. The process of drawing needs to be messy and crossed, because the eyebrows of real people sometimes overlap and cross each other, strand by strand.

eyebrow tail training

For novices, it is recommended to practice on a single level. You can drag 1 stitch with 1 stitch, and 2 stitches with 1 stitch, and arrange them according to the rules. This way of handling the tail of eyebrows seems to be irregular, but in fact there are rules to follow for each eyebrow.

Principle: draw the eyebrows upwards, the waist of the eyebrows downwards, and the tails of the eyebrows downwards.

After training the brow head, brow waist and brow tail, we will combine them and practice together to form a complete line brow.

There is another very important point when practicing, that is, the technique should be light and heavy. Many people may not know how to use heavy and light techniques. We can practice light and heavy techniques in two ways.

1. How to hold the pen, hold the pen with a hollow fist in the middle, turn the wrist, and swing back and forth

2. The method of dragging (light), pressing (heavy) and dragging (light). Flick your wrists, and you can draw slowly before you are unskilled.

When practicing, you need to follow the following six principles.

1. To draw well-lined eyebrows, we must first have the shape in mind, and only after we have the shape in mind can we know how to draw.

2. Draw the main direction and main line first, and draw the main line more heavily.

3. Alignment must be accurate.

4. Relax your hands, use your wrists hard, and practice the flexibility of your hands more.

5. When practicing line arrangement, you need to practice both sides together, because people have two eyebrows.

6. When drawing, there must be no pauses, and the lines should be kept smooth and elegant.

We don't have to use so many lines in the actual operation. Customers have their own hair, and you only need to add the parts that customers lack.

The purpose of the exercise is to practice the direction and arrangement of lines. During the actual operation, the principle of following the client's hair and lines will be natural and flexible.

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