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How to draw semi-permanent eyebrows? 6 eyebrow trimming and thrush methods that can be understood at a glance

by:Qinmei     2022-12-06

Eyebrow tattooing is a common practice for tattoo artists. Eyebrow thrush is a skill that must be mastered. Everyone's demeanor and eyebrow shape are different. The same method of thrush eyebrows seems monotonous, and the correct method varies from person to person. The following will bring you 6 common methods of eyebrow trimming and thrush, so that tattoo artists can be handy when they are customers.

Eyebrow trimming

Step1: Remove excess brows with eyebrow knife

Step2: Use the eyebrow brush to brush up a small part of the eyebrows, and then use small scissors to repair it several times. You need to always pay attention to the effect after repairing, otherwise it is easy to cut the eyebrows...

Step3: Final trimming and shaping

Three-step fixed-point thrush

Step1: Take the same vertical line as the fixed point between the brow and the inner corner of the eye

Step2: Take the extension line of the nose wing and the pupil at a certain point on the eyebrow peak

Step3: Take the extension line of the nose wing and the outer corner of the eye to a certain point at the end of the eyebrow

How to draw light eyebrows

Step1: Use the eyeliner brush to dip in the eyebrow cream and outline along the direction of the eyelashes

Step2: Then use the eyebrow brush to smudge to both sides with the eyebrow peak as the most important color

Step3: Take the extension line of the nose wing and the outer corner of the eye to a certain point at the end of the eyebrow

How to draw thick eyebrows

Trim the eyebrows as thin as possible, choose a lighter shade of eyebrow cream, and smudge and reduce the color on the darker eyebrows

How to draw short eyebrows

Step1: Find the three fixed points of eyebrow head, eyebrow peak and eyebrow tail

Step2: Use eyebrow powder to fill in the missing part of the eyebrow tail, pay attention to the excess of true and false eyebrows

Step3: The peaks of the eyebrows are connected to the tails of the eyebrows, and the tails of the eyebrows are carefully outlined

Queen's eyebrows

Step1: Use eyebrow powder to finely outline the excess, pay attention to the extension of the eyebrow tail

Step2: Simple original eyebrow color with eyebrow cream

Step3: Finally, run through the three points and paint with eyebrow powder

Did anyone find that the sauce-purple eyebrows could instantly see people.

Have you got these skills of the tattoo artist? Learn these tips well, and you can design eyebrows more easily! The more advanced semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing technique is in Xinyuxingcolor. Friends who want to learn can consult us!

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