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How to draw the eyebrow shape of line eyebrows, 4 steps to get the line eyebrow design

by:Qinmei     2022-11-20

Line eyebrows are more natural than mist eyebrows, because their lines are clearly visible and realistic, and they look exactly the same as the original eyebrows. Due to the popularity of foggy eyebrows, not enough attention has been paid to line eyebrows, and many tattoo artists seem at a loss when it comes to line eyebrows. The line eyebrow shape is not natural enough, and it is impossible to draw a satisfactory line eyebrow shape in a limited area. Let's take a look at how to draw a good line eyebrow.

fixed eyebrow frame

As a tattoo artist with relatively few eyebrow lines, you must not be lazy. You should draw the eyebrow frame honestly, so as to prevent the final eyebrow shape from wandering.

For other tattoo artists who do more line eyebrows, they can draw or not draw according to their actual situation.

Take the middle line of eyebrow shape

After the eyebrow frame is set, we draw a line in the horizontal middle of the eyebrow shape to divide the whole eyebrow shape into two horizontally.

Next, we continue to take the longitudinal middle line of the eyebrow shape, and divide the entire eyebrow shape into two longitudinally.

In the middle of the eyebrow peak and the brow, we draw a slanted line, which is the line area of ​​our brow. After preparing the above work, we can start drawing lines next.

brow area line

The first line draws the head of the brow, the second line defines the end area of ​​the brow, the third line goes to the middle of the brow area, the fourth line takes the middle of 1 and 3, and the fifth line takes the middle of 2 and 3.

The distribution of the lines on the second layer is relatively simple. One line is directly inserted in the middle of the five lines on the first layer, making a total of four lines.

The third layer of lines follows the above method, respectively inserting 3 lines in the second half, so that our eyebrows have a total of 12 lines.

Lines of eyebrow waist and eyebrow tail

Next, determine the line area of ​​the eyebrow waist and eyebrow tail. The 13th line starts from the middle of the eyebrow waist, the 14th line is at the end of the thrush, and the 15th line is in the middle of 13 and 14. By analogy, 5 lines are drawn as shown in the picture above.

So far, there are 17 lines in total, and we are only 5 lines away from our goal of 22 lines!

For the last 5, take the middle part of the 5 drawn directly above us, as shown in the picture above. In this way, our 22 line eyebrows are perfectly drawn!

Tattooists who are just starting to draw line eyebrows, don't worry, you may not succeed the first time, but as long as you follow the structure of line eyebrows, I believe you will be able to draw good-looking line eyebrows in time.

Of course, the 22 lines are the structural framework of line eyebrows, just like a big skeleton of eyebrows. After drawing the skeleton correctly, we can use this line eyebrow frame to change different eyebrow shapes according to the actual situation of the customer.

Finally, pay attention to one point. When making line eyebrows, the lines should be less and not too many. If there are too many lines, it will easily cause halo. And the line arrangement is also very important. Although some line arrangements look good, they are not practical.

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