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How to find a suitable tattoo manufacturer and OEM for tattoo equipment OEM?

by:Qinmei     2022-10-24

How to find a suitable tattoo manufacturer for OEM of tattoo equipment? There are mainly the following methods:

1. Baidu search:

The tattoo artist wants to OEM OEM to customize the brand of tattoo equipment and color materials. If there is no private method or introduction by acquaintances, he can search through Baidu by himself.“Tattoo manufacturers”,“Tattoo OEM processing”,“Tattoo and embroidery processing manufacturers”and other keywords, to find the desired tattoo manufacturers to understand.

A warm reminder: Be careful with empty shell factories, and visit the tattoo factory on the spot, so that it is reliable.

2. Authoritative official certification

It is also a good channel to select manufacturers of tattoo instruments and color materials through Alibaba. There are large and small manufacturers in the industry on Alibaba, and the strength will also be uneven.

It is recommended to choose those manufacturers who have passed the example merchants to contact, because these factories have passed the inspection of Alibaba's third party, and they are all real.

3. Acquaintances introduce manufacturers

Friends and relatives introduced familiar OEM manufacturers of tattoo instruments and color materials. Although they have little knowledge of the strength, they should first learn about them online, try the other party's samples, and then decide the next step based on the quality of the samples.

No matter how you find a satisfactory tattoo instrument color material manufacturer, if you want to create an exclusive and perfect tattoo instrument color material brand, remember to go to the tattoo factory for on-the-spot inspection!

After the inspection is satisfied, the cooperation with the tattoo instrument color material factory is generally divided into the following situations:

1. Supply of packaging materials or raw materials

For the tattoo factory, you customize the brand of tattoo equipment and color materials and provide exclusive packaging materials or raw materials. Their cooperation with you belongs to the procurement. You can directly call the company of the tattoo factory for purchase. It is best not to call business phone.

2. Wholesale take the goods

Many embroidery factories have their own brands. Some embroidery artists who are just starting out will save costs and ensure quality when they buy goods directly from the embroidery factory. You can directly find the Alibaba store of the embroidery factory and apply directly to become an embroidery factory. Distributors, or make business calls to communicate specific matters.

3. Cooperative processing

If you have your own formula, raw materials, semi-finished products, or have your own ideas to make a brand, they all belong to the processing scope of the tattoo factory. The necessary conditions for the processing of color materials for tattoo instruments are that there must be a company business license, product trademark, and professional record.

Cooperate with embroidery factory to find a reliable factory, which can avoid a lot of losses to a great extent, and a more responsible business will also help you.

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