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How to improve the color retention rate of tattooed eyebrows Coloring skills of tattooed eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-11-28

The color retention rate is a difficulty that every tattoo artist must overcome. No matter how good the color retention rate is during operation, the low color retention rate is tantamount to wasting effort. The color retention rate is one of the important factors to determine the later effect. Then, how to improve the color retention rate of eyebrow tattoo? To ensure the quality of eyebrow tattoo, Xin Yuxing Color Xiaobian will bring you the methods and coloring skills to improve the color retention rate of tattoo eyebrows .

The eyebrow tattooing process must go through 6 stages

Designing, painting, scabbing, recoloring, complementary coloring and molding. The scab will form in about 3 to 7 days, and the skin metabolism will show the final absorption level of the pigment in 28 days!

The tattoo artist must master the colors that should be presented at each stage to judge the colors that will be presented by the client in the later stage, and be prepared to communicate with the client.

Causes of color difference in the later stage

1. The color retention rate of the same color is different on different people, and the color retention effect of oily skin and sensitive skin is the least ideal;

2. Use small amounts of repair products many times. If you apply too much, the scab will form slowly and the color will fade less; if you apply less, the color will disappear after the scab is naturally removed;

3. The tissue fluid should be cleaned in time after the treatment, otherwise it will affect the nutrient absorption of the repair product if it dries up;

4. Scabs should not be scratched and should fall off naturally.

5. Inadequate techniques lead to excessively large wounds and thick scabs. Necrotic cells and pigments fall off together when scabs are shed. After recovery, the color is dizzy and uneven

Methods to improve eyebrow color retention rate

1. Receive customers, check the skin quality of customers, which category does it belong to? Immediately conceive in your heart: what color material to use and what method to use?

oily skin

Reason for no coloring: Because the oil film will block the penetration and absorption of the color cream, it is difficult to color.

Solution: Before operation, use cleansing gel to remove oil and exfoliate. When operating, lightly lower the needle to increase the density of the lower needle. When applying color, add toner solution dropwise to increase the penetration of color milk.

2. After exfoliating and cleaning, design a suitable eyebrow shape according to the face shape,

3. Start the operation, do not need to fix the frame, first lay the base color to outline the shape lightly, and do both sides at the same time, always pay attention to the skin wound.

4. After the operation, press with the palm of your hand to squeeze out excess tissue fluid.

5. If the skin becomes red or white after the operation, apply repair milk.

Precautions for coloring

(1) Grasping the depth of needle insertion is the most important point in coloring: keep the needle inserted 1/3 of the treatment site evenly, and at the same time, frequently stain with coloring material;

(2) Maintain the residence time of the pigment: after the pigment enters the skin, the excess pigment stays on the surface of the skin for no less than 30 seconds;

(3) Pay attention to the method of wiping the excess color on the treatment site: first use a cotton pad to lightly absorb the color, and then gently wipe off the excess color;

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