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How to judge the quality of tattoo pigments

by:Qinmei     2022-08-24
How to judge the quality of pmu tattoo pigments

The same thing that is indispensable in tattoo tools is the pigment. The quality of the pigment will also have a price difference. So how do we judge the quality of the pigment and choose the right and high-quality pigment?

1. The difference between organic pigments and inorganic pigments

The characteristics of organic pigments: it can be dissolved in water, the pigment is relatively thin, will not precipitate, the stability is relatively poor, it is easy to absorb and metabolize, and the color retention time is short.

The characteristics of inorganic pigments: insoluble in water, granular pigments, strong stability, powdery when tattooed on the skin surface, not easy to be absorbed and decomposed by cells, long color retention time.

There are four types of pigment textures:

Powder colorant: The role of toner is the viscosity, color, and stability of toner milk.
Paste colorant: relatively strong viscosity, suitable for manual operation, relatively high consistency, the color retention time of the finished works will be longer than that of liquid.
Liquid Pigment: Liquid, relatively thin, only suitable for machine operation.
Milky pigment: It is between paste and liquid pigment. It can be applied by hand and machine. It is also the favorite pigment of most pmu tattoo artists.

The texture of the pigment is neither good nor bad

How to distinguish between good and bad pigments

Use a cotton swab to dip a little colorant, sweep it on A4 paper, and check whether there is a slight discoloration in the tail area of ​​the sweep every few minutes. If there is no discoloration on the A4 paper, the colorant is stable.
Grainy feel of the pigment when you touch it by hand: Put a small drop of the pigment on the back of your hand and rub it back and forth with your finger.

Observe the saturation and particle size of the colorant: you can use a straw or a toothpick to stir a few times. The good colorant is still uniform after stirring, and there will be no lumps or lumps of different sizes.

To operate on the practice skin, use a manual pen to draw lines and mist on the practice skin respectively, and check the coloring situation. Apply the color to the operation area and then check the coloring situation.

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