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How to make up semi-permanent eyebrow makeup twice? The degree of needle insertion and residence time are the key points

by:Qinmei     2022-12-09

Women who have done semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos have heard of the second color replenishment mentioned by the tattoo artist. In order to ensure the semi-permanent effect, it is necessary to perform a second color replenishment on the eyebrows. Fill the eyebrows with the previous color. How to perform the second color replenishment? How does it work?

How to make up semi-permanent secondary color supplements How to make up semi-permanent secondary color supplements? Generally, the second color supplement after semi-permanent needs to control the depth of the needle and the residence time of the color material. Others, in order to ensure that the skin is not affected by the color material , the tattoo artist should erase the color of the semi-permanent secondary complementary color in the correct way.
When the beauty seeker accepts the semi-permanent secondary color supplement, the operator should master the depth of the needle, because the key point to ensure the color is to control the depth of the needle properly. Make sure the depth of the needle is for deep coloring. The specific method requires 1/3 of the needle to be inserted into the treatment site, and the coloring material should be frequently applied at the same time, so that the color will not be light due to insufficient needle insertion.

To ensure the retention time of the pigment, the operator should ensure the retention time of the pigment when doing semi-permanent secondary color replenishment. Generally, the pigment should not stay on the surface of the skin for less than 30 seconds, otherwise it will also lead to poor effect after the second color supplement.

Pay attention to the erasure of the remaining coloring material. When doing semi-permanent color replenishment, the operator must pay attention to correctly erasing the remaining coloring material. The specific method is to gently press and absorb the color with a special sterile cotton pad when scrubbing the remaining color material, and then gently scrub the remaining color material. Some colorants are very clingy, so make sure to wipe off any leftover color after it's been on the skin to prevent any residue.

Semi-permanent secondary color replenishment pays attention to the color replenishment period. If you want to achieve a better effect of semi-permanent makeup fixing, you need to do semi-permanent secondary color replenishment. Generally, there is a one-month interval between the second time of color replenishment and the first semi-permanent time. This is because the skin metabolism cycle is 28 days. After a skin metabolism cycle, the pigment is basically absorbed, and the appearance of the skin at that time is semi-permanent. Makeup is a real gesture.

It is safer to use plant pigments for semi-permanent secondary color supplements. When doing secondary color supplements for beauty seekers, tattoo artists choose regular plant pigments. This is because plant pigments are generally non-corrosive and have a softer texture. . Although the coloring rate of plant pigments is not as good as that of traditional pigments, it is safer than traditional pigments. Therefore, it is recommended that beauty-loving women communicate with the performer when doing the secondary color complement of semi-permanent makeup, and use plant pigments for complementary color.

The advantages of semi-permanent secondary color replenishment Due to the metabolism, the general eyebrow tattoo requires the process of secondary color replenishment to achieve the perfect state of semi-permanent makeup. Because the color is easy to appear after the first color restoration, the color is light, lack of color, etc., so it needs two. The second complementary color is adjusted, so that the skin can better absorb the plant pigments. In addition, the secondary color complement can make the semi-permanent eyebrows last longer, which is also the advantage of the secondary color complement.

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