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How to match the color of tattooed lips? 9 Ways to Color Your Lips

by:Qinmei     2022-11-25

Different from traditional bleached lips, semi-permanent tattooed lips seldom draw a clear lip line, and the color of the lip line is exactly the same as that of the lips. Lips are often dark, black, or whitish in lip color. Therefore, it is very important to know the color matching skills.

How to use

Sweeping and circling techniques are light, and the number of superimpositions is large (2-3 times)

Tools used: row seven needles, circle three needles

Lip color matching method

1. Black lips

① Light: orange + magenta 2:1 (harmonious)

②Deep: orange (used alone)

Three times, about 1-3 months, depending on the color change of customers, color matching

2. White lips

Any color (biting lip)

① Technique

② Color matching orange red + magenta

3. Yin and Yang lips

①Shangwu: orange + magenta 1:1 (harmonious)

② Lower light: Magenta

4. Spotted lips

①Less: normal color matching

②Multiple points: orange turn (circle with 3 needles) turn to target color (dark color) after 1-3 months

5. Grease granule lips (sebaceous gland displacement)

①Less: dark color matching

②Many: Don't do it seriously

6. Flower lips (different shades)

①Light: normal color matching

②Darkness: Press the previous color first, and then do it normally after 1-3 months

③Serious: laser/do not do

7. Lip line

① Serious: laser

②Deep: primary color matching

③Shallow: Do it normally

8. Outer ring black

① Two colors (magenta + orange)

②Transition: intermediate magenta + orange red 2:1 blending

③Outside: orange red

9. Lip scars

①Small area: normal work

②Large area: sign the agreement (dark color)

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