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How to wash tattooed eyebrows? How to clean tattooed eyebrows

by:Qinmei     2022-11-21

Eyebrow tattooing is a modern and popular semi-permanent technique, and the pursuit of beauty has also become a fashion trend. The development of eyebrow tattooing has also changed with the improvement of aesthetic ability. When the eyebrow shape is changed or it is not ideal, it will encounter the problem of eyebrow washing. How to properly clean the regret left by the previous tattooed eyebrows?

Embroidery is to draw the ideal shape of the eyebrows in one way, and then use special tools to implant the eyebrow pigment into the skin to form a long-lasting color! The ideal effect is to obtain a pair of 'artistic eyebrows' , an aesthetic boutique that originates from nature and is higher than nature. But eyebrow tattooing looks simple, in fact, it contains many technical aspects. A complex social, psychological and aesthetic issue!

Therefore, in the process of pursuing the beauty of the face and turning to tattoo embroidery, the effect of eyebrow tattooing will be unsatisfactory due to the influence of various subjective and objective factors or the passage of time, the growth of one's own age, and the changes of social aesthetic concepts. Happens from time to time.

The common ones are: unsatisfactory eyebrow color, asymmetrical eyebrow position on both sides, incongruity between eyebrow shape and face shape, age, hair color, etc., too dark, too thick, too thin, and even some strange things that make people laugh to themselves. eyebrow. The occurrence of these situations makes eyebrow tattooing not only unable to add beauty, but also ugly, which brings trouble and pain to people. Eyebrow tattooing is a relatively important technique in semi-permanent training. From a professional perspective, how to deal with these improperly tattooed eyebrows?

Here, I will roughly summarize the following types for you:

1. Chemical eyebrow washing method

This is the earliest and commonly used method: the so-called chemical agents are corrosive agents such as strong acids and alkalis. First, use a tattoo machine to puncture repeatedly on the original bad eyebrows, and then apply eyebrow wash or eyebrow cleansing cream (that is, chemical agents) to corrode and destroy the epidermis. After a few days, the skin scabs off a layer to make the original lines Lighten up the color a bit. After 40 days or so, wash again, repeat this several times, and the color will gradually fade. It is difficult to wash them all in this way, and there are always marks left. A small number of products that are washed too deeply may leave scars, and the cleaning cycle is long, which brings more pain and trouble to customers! It is rarely used at present.

2. Chinese medicine eyebrow washing method

The principle of traditional Chinese medicine eyebrow washing is to dissolve the stratum corneum and granular layer of the epidermis through traditional Chinese medicine, so as to accelerate the hair growth process of the skin. Advantages of traditional Chinese medicine eyebrow washing: traditional Chinese medicine eyebrow washing does not choose pigments, and can remove pigments of any color. Disadvantages of traditional Chinese medicine eyebrow washing: The operation technique of traditional Chinese medicine eyebrow washing is complicated and should not be mastered. Chinese medicine eyebrow washing can only remove the pigment on the epidermis, but cannot remove the pigment on the dermis, otherwise it will leave scars

3. Laser eyebrow washing

As a kind of light, laser has been widely used in various fields of medicine due to its special properties. As everyone already knows, eyebrow tattooing is artificially depositing the pigment particles of the pigment between the surface layer and the dermis layer of the skin through various methods, so as to achieve the effect of beauty. Due to their special color, these pigment granules will absorb laser light of a specific wavelength. Under the powerful energy of the laser, the pigment granules will disintegrate and be destroyed in a very short time, and then be cleared by the skin's own metabolic system. The duration of laser irradiation is very short, so it will not cause damage to the surrounding normal skin tissue. Therefore, one of the most scientific methods of laser eyebrow washing today does not cause any damage to the skin

4. Covering and modifying bad eyebrows

◆Principle: Use oily paste coloring material and eyebrow embroidery needles to transform the unsatisfactory eyebrow color into a fashionable popular color, and then cover the excessively wide and redundant eyebrows. This method does not cause any harm to the skin and has a high safety factor

Color change: use the color principle to change the original unsatisfactory eyebrow color

Covering: usually use skin color pigment and white pigment to mix and apply it on the part that needs to be removed, so that the part that needs to be removed is completely covered (suitable for small areas)

5. Eyebrow washing with empty needles


Empty needle cipher text, the key is to use the eyebrow tattoo machine without any coloring material, and stroke back and forth on the local skin, artificially causing mechanical damage to the epidermis. After a few days, the skin surface will naturally fall off and the color will become lighter.

Questions and answers about semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos
Q: Can eyebrow washing clean the tattooed eyebrows thoroughly?
Answer: Yes, with laser eyebrow washing, the laser can instantly penetrate the epidermis of the skin and reach the deep layer of the skin through the ultra-pulse time of milliseconds and microseconds, so that the pigment particles inside the skin are instantly crushed, and the crushed pigment particles will be absorbed by the human body. After being phagocytized by macrophages, it is slowly transported away.
Q: How long can tattooed eyebrows be washed off?
Answer: Generally, it can be washed off completely after 3-4 times, and the interval between each wash is 1 month to 1.5 months. Therefore, it takes about 3 months to half a year to calculate.
Q: Can eyebrow tattoo wash really be washed off?
Answer: Generally, it can be washed off, and it also needs to be combined with the doctor's operation. Some need to be combined with laser methods to completely remove it.
Q: Can I use normal saline to clean my eyebrows after tattooing?
Answer: No, after eyebrow tattooing, do not touch water. You have to wait for the scab to fall off, and you must let it fall off naturally. Do not pick it with your hands, otherwise the coloring will be uneven.
Question: How many days can the eyebrows be washed with water after tattooing, how long can the eyebrows be touched with water?
Answer: Under normal circumstances, after eyebrow tattooing, the wound needs a period of time to recover. It is not allowed to touch the water immediately, otherwise it will easily cause wound infection, which will affect the recovery of the wound and affect the effect of tattooing. It is best to wait a week.

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