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Learn about the basic knowledge of tattoo and embroidery

by:Qinmei     2022-07-25

Learn about the basic knowledge of tattoo and embroidery

1. Basic Principles

Generally speaking, the skin is divided into epidermis and epidermis, and its thickness varies from 0.212mm to 0.508mm according to the different parts. The eye part is thick, and the skin on the palm is thick. Know the thickness of the skin. The depth of the needle will be the only way to get a tattoo. Be sure not to get too deep or too shallow.

The lower layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum, which is composed of compact squamous cells. The lower layer is the transparent layer, the granular layer, the spinous layer and the layer. The epidermis has no blood vessels, but there are many small nerve endings. The epidermis is basically translucent.

Close to the epidermis is the papillary layer, and the papillary layer is the layer of vascular plexus. Below is the reticular layer and subcutaneous tissue. There are rich deep vascular plexus and subcutaneous fat, which provide and transport nutrients to the skin.

Tattoo technology is actually a kind of traumatic skin coloring. The pigment is implanted in the skin tissue to form a stable color block. Because the epidermis is very thin and translucent, the pigment passes through the epidermis layer, showing color and luster to cover defects, promote strengths and avoid weaknesses. The role of beautification. The pigments that penetrate the skin are all small particles with a diameter of less than one micrometer, which are quickly surrounded by collagen and cannot be engulfed by phagocytes, thus forming a mark.

Second, the common sense of tattoo

Cosmetic tattooing is a traumatic skin coloration that carries certain risks. Embroidery beauty is only allowed to succeed and not fail, so the operation of tattoo beauty should be carried out under certain conditions. There must be special instruments and tools, which are hygienic, and also require tattoo operators to have certain basic knowledge of medicine and aesthetics, as well as well-trained operating skills. Environment, atmosphere, light, etc. are all important conditions related to tattoo beauty.

Clean and comfortable environment, embroidery beauty is implemented on and epidermis, after piercing the epidermis, the protective function of the skin is reduced, and it is easy to invade. Therefore, the operation room of tattoo and beauty should be kept clean and the air is fresh.

A quiet and soft atmosphere and a good atmosphere can mediate the nerves of a good person and make people feel calm and emotionally stable. In this environment, you can concentrate on the operation when tattooing. The tattooed person actively cooperates in a good environment to ensure the quality of the tattooist's work.

Moderate lighting, lighting is an important condition for tattoo cosmetic operation. The soft and comfortable light can reduce the visual fatigue of the tattoo artist and ensure the quality of the tattoo.

Necessary amenities: beauty bed and mirror. The posture of the tattooed person lying half-lying or lying flat is stable and sensible, which is convenient for the tattooist to operate. The role of the mirror: is to let the guests see the effect. It is also to let the tattoo artist look at the overall effect of the tattoo from the mirror.

Three, tattoo requirements

Meticulous work attitude - tattoo beauty has a certain risk, a little lack of concentration or a little carelessness will affect the quality or even cause an accident, a meticulous work attitude is the guarantee of quality.

Sophisticated expertise - this is the essence of beauty quality. Exquisite techniques come from the training of basic skills. Only with solid basic skills can they be used freely and easily.

The training standard of basic skills - the basic skills training of tattoo beauty, first of all, the training of basic skills of tattooing eyebrows. Tattooing eyebrows is the basis of tattooing, which is difficult and easy. It's easy to say, the skin in this area is slightly thicker, not as sensitive as the skin on the eyes and lips, and not as risky as eyeliner, but it's hard to say, the eyebrows grow into roots, and there are gaps between the eyebrows, which are formed. The virtual-real structure is not easy to express. Not only do you have to make different eyebrow shapes depending on the person, but also show the shades of different shades, so that you can show a natural and soft beauty.

The basic training standards for tattoo beauty are: stability, accuracy, uniformity and symmetry

Steady - the tool is held firmly and securely, the needle is lowered steadily, and it cannot be shaken back and forth.

Accurate - where the color needles fall where they are needed, there is no deviation, and exactly what is required.

Uniform - Uniform depth and even spacing.

Symmetrical - high and low symmetry, length symmetry, thickness symmetry, shade symmetry.

Fourth, the principles that should be followed in tattooing operations

Pay attention to skills, observe at any time, rather shallow rather than dark, rather narrow rather than wide: the color is too uniform and natural, pay attention to symmetry and overall harmony.

Five, the basic procedure of tattooing

preoperative preparation

Get medical advice. Understand the general condition of the customer, pay attention to asking about the medical history, especially whether there is any allergy history and physical condition. Observe whether there is inflammation, trauma, etc. at the tattoo site. Master the indications and contraindications of tattoo cosmetic surgery.

Explain the purpose and effect of tattooing, matters needing attention before surgery, and possible complications. Let the customer be psychologically prepared, and the effect on the appearance improvement must not be exaggerated before the operation.

Do a good job in the shape design of the tattooed part and obtain the consent of the customer. It is not allowed to arbitrarily and unprincipally go along with the unreasonable requirements of individual customers. Not to blindly pursue fashionable designs popular in the society, but to discuss from a long-term perspective.

6. Operating procedures

The skin of the part to be decorated is regular and shaped.

Prepare text decoration tools, install and debug the eyebrow texturing machine, and the eyebrow texturing needles are disposable sterile individually packaged needles, which are disposable.

Prepare the color material according to the requirements of the decorative parts.

Choose a good anesthetic and anesthesia method, and decorate with the corresponding needle in French.

After the operation, the protection and treatment of the decorative wound should be done well.

Regular follow-up visits after surgery, timely detection of complications, do a good job in prevention and treatment.

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