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Learn the basics of makeup

by:Qinmei     2023-05-09

Decide what kind of makeup you want to learn.
For example, you can choose nude makeup, lifestyle makeup, Korean common makeup, Japanese fresh makeup, European temperament makeup, etc. for life dressing. Brides-to-be or want to do bridal follow-up makeup, choose the bridal series of makeup, such as flower brides, Chinese brides, Western brides, etc. In addition, there are self-study courses for advanced makeup artists, such as film and television makeup. Including stage makeup, opera makeup, host makeup, fairy makeup, Tang makeup and so on.

Prepare basic cosmetics.
Essentials are: Cream, Liquid Foundation, Setting Powder, BB Cream, Eye Shadow Powder, Lip Gloss, Blush, Eyebrow Powder.

Prepare basic makeup tools.
Makeup brushes (set, including lip brush, blush brush, eyebrow brush, eye shadow brush, etc.), mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, powder puff.

Find courses.
There are two forms of self-study makeup courses: recording and live broadcasting. The advantage of recording and broadcasting courses is that you can watch and learn repeatedly anytime and anywhere, while live broadcasting courses can interact with teachers and classmates online. It is recommended to choose the recorded course first, and take the live course after having a certain foundation to get faster improvement. It is not easy to search for recorded courses on the Internet. You can search for makeup course videos on Taobao or education platforms, and choose products that provide guidance and professional courses, such as Baishe Color Makeup Self-study Season Course. Basically, it can meet your own learning needs. Live courses can be found on open course websites, such as interactive platforms such as YY.

Learn the dos and don'ts.
Self-taught makeup is not like participating in field training, it requires a certain amount of perseverance. After all, learning is a painful thing. The reason why many people fail to participate in various self-study is that they cannot persist to the end. Laziness is the terminator of success. Self-study makeup requires active participation in practice. After mastering a certain amount of theoretical knowledge, apply it to yourself, to friends, and practice repeatedly, and the natural skills will improve.

How long does it take to teach yourself makeup.
The length of time will vary from person to person. People with high endowments will naturally improve quickly in learning. The makeup technique is mainly in the technique, so the above said that everyone should find a professional and formal recording and broadcasting course. The technique needs a time to adapt. How long it takes depends on how hard you work. Generally speaking, the off-line field training period is 2-3 months. If you learn makeup by yourself, theoretically, it usually takes 1-6 months. It depends on how many makeup styles you want to learn, the difficulty of makeup styles, and your own learning ability. .

Can I learn makeup by myself?
As long as you have confidence, the iron pestle can be ground into a needle. There is no knowledge in the world that cannot be learned by oneself, as long as you work hard, you will be able to learn it. After all, makeup is not a difficult subject. Self-study English and graphic design are much more difficult than self-study makeup.

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