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by:Qinmei     2022-11-08
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R&D strength: Introducing the latest technology, independent R&D and innovation

R&D and innovation are the first driving force for development. We understand this well, and for this reason, we have always insisted on investing a lot of money in independent design and development of new products.

Not only has a professional and high-quality tattoo machine R&D team been built, but also the latest and most advanced German tattoo equipment manufacturing technology and unique core components in the tattoo industry have been exclusively introduced, and the industry's top tattoo product R & D and production have been built. System to ensure the independent research and development advantages of enterprises in the tattoo industry!

We have been committed to bringing the best product experience to customers, striving to break through the industry status quo of domestic plagiarism of foreign machines, independent research and development of innovative products, and lead the development and reform of the industry.

Service mode: Customize exclusive tattoo brands and provide one-stop service

With a highly educated and young service team, we wholeheartedly provide OEM/ODM/customers with one-stop solutions from product conception to brand marketing.

With its leading position in the industry, from a professional point of view, according to market trends, combined with strong research and production capabilities, we provide customers with brand planning, product design and development, packaging design, production and manufacturing, and then product training, marketing promotion suggestions, after-sales services. The one-stop life-long butler service of the service has won high praise from more than 800 OEM customers, and has successfully planned more than 200 cases of high-end tattoo brands.

If you want to customize an exclusive tattoo brand, you only need to tell us your ideas, and we will handle the rest, and we will use professional services to make you worry-free throughout the process.

If you want to seize business opportunities and make great achievements in the field of tattoo and embroidery, you are welcome to visit our company and discuss cooperation. We will provide strict product production services with advanced management systems and management concepts to achieve product planning, research and development, production and delivery. , One-stop after-sales service, to create your own high-end brand for you.
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