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Points to note when tattooing eyebrows for different skin types

by:Qinmei     2022-12-16

Tattoo artists know that there are different types of skin: dry skin, oily skin, aging skin, sensitive skin, etc. Different skin types have different operation methods and precautions, and the tattoo effect of 'prescribing the right medicine' will be Natural and obedient.

Sensitive skin treatment methods

Sensitive skin is thin, prone to allergies, and red blood streaks are obvious; it is prone to redness, and the skin is prone to redness and heat when the temperature changes too cold or overheated; it is easy to be stimulated by environmental factors, seasonal changes and facial skin care products, and more often Sensitive skin due to the use of hormone-based cosmetics.

Over 35 years old: Man-made injuries, geographical reasons, such as thin and transparent skin, red blood exposure, the cutin of this kind of skin is very thin, easy to break, easy to bleed, pay attention to the strength of the manual operation and increase the number of operations . It is not advisable to choose a color that is too strong.

Under 35 years old: Acquired, improper skin care, irregular eating and sleeping habits, all will lead to skin dehydration, resulting in peeling and sensitive skin. Among young people today, such people account for a large proportion. This type of skin should not be done too deep or too thick, and avoid thick color and scabs in the later stage. This type of skin tends to use lighter shades.

Treatment of aging skin

The function of aging skin tissue is decreased, the elasticity is weakened, dull, the subcutaneous tissue is reduced and thinned, the skin is loose and sagging, wrinkles are increased, and pigmentation is increased. The biggest disadvantage of this type of skin is that the skin is too loose and has poor elasticity, and it is easy to smudge and fade in the later stage.

There are two types of aging skin, one is excessive sun exposure, and the other is natural aging.

The cutin of the skin that has been exposed to too much sun is relatively hard, so you can use a little more force in the technique; for those who are naturally aging, on the contrary, the skin will be easily damaged, so the force should be light, and this type of skin can also be operated with instruments.

For older customers, it is generally recommended to use dark tones. First, it looks more dignified, and second, aging skin itself is not easy to absorb color, and rich colors are easier to retain in the later stage.

Treatment for oily skin

Oily skin refers to strong oil secretion, shiny forehead and nose, large pores, blackheads, thick and hard cortex, dark yellow appearance, alkaline skin, good elasticity, and not easy to age. Skin absorbs UV rays easily.

The biggest problem of oily skin: strong oil secretion, large pores, thick cuticle, easy to smudge, easy to fade, and easy to change and fade.

Machine operation is not easy to color, and should be faded. Of course, oily skin will also be different due to the degree of oil, and the later stage will also be different. This type of skin is the least likely to be black, and you can try anything else.

dry skin treatment

Dry skin sebum deficiency (asteatosis) refers to the reduction or lack of sebaceous gland secretion resulting in dry skin. There are many reasons for the reduction or lack of sebum secretion, localized or extensive dry skin, small cracks, lack of sebum, often itching, sometimes painful , even worse in winter, without flushing and inflammation.

One of the characteristics of dry skin: the skin is delicate and the cell particles are small. This type of skin is relatively easy to color and easy to stay color. However, due to lack of water, the skin is not elastic enough, and blue gray is easy to appear in the later stage of coloring, so it should be noted that the color tone should not be too thick. The technique should be moderate. If it is aging and dry, it should be noted that the force of the technique to open the skin is slightly heavier, but the depth of the skin should not be too deep.

Neutral skin treatment

Neutral skin is our normal skin. Its PH value is between 5-5.6. It is an ideal healthy skin. The secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat glands is moderate. It is not greasy, dry and elastic. Ageing. Ruddy, delicate and elastic, not sensitive to external stimuli, and free of skin blemishes.

Neutral skin is the favorite skin type of tattoo artists. The skin is fine and shiny, with good elasticity. This type of skin is the best type for coloring. It is easy to color, easy to stay, not easy to change color, and not easy to smudge. It is more flexible in the choice of color. From light to deep, according to the customer's own hair color, you can choose light coffee, gray coffee, brown coffee, dark coffee, black coffee.

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