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Precautions for eyebrow tattooing, how should I take care of it after tattooing?

by:Qinmei     2022-04-27

Precautions before eyebrow tattooing 1. Do not take medicines containing aspirin within two weeks before eyebrow tattooing, because aspirin will reduce the function of platelet coagulation. 2. Make sure you are healthy before tattooing your eyebrows, without infectious diseases or other body inflammations. 3. Do not wear makeup before tattooing your eyebrows.

Brow tattooing is also a wound operation that pierces the skin. How should I take care of it after eyebrow tattooing? After tattooing, you should take good care of yourself. 1. After tattooing the eyebrows, apply cold compresses on the red and swollen area to reduce the swelling as soon as possible. When applying cold compresses, place ice cubes in the ice pack and wrap them with a sterile towel for 20-30 minutes. Do not place ice packs or ice cubes directly on the skin. On the wound surface, prevent ice water from infiltrating the wound and causing infection. 2. Apply anti-inflammatory drugs (such as Lippo, aloe vera gel) on the wound surface after tattooing to prevent infection, 3 times a day for three consecutive days. 3. Severe redness and swelling after eyebrow tattooing can be taken orally with anti-inflammatory drugs (generally, those who have done double eyelid surgery have serious redness and swelling after the article). 4. The wound should be kept clean and dry within three days after eyebrow tattooing, without water. 5. After scab formation, it is not advisable to contact with hot water, steam, etc., to prevent the scab from softening and falling off, which will affect the coloring. 6. The wound is a little itchy after scabbing, so it should fall off on its own, and cannot be removed artificially to prevent its color from falling off with the scab and affecting the coloring effect, but it can be gently wiped with a cotton swab with a repairing agent. 7. It takes about 5-7 days for the eyebrows to be prepared. The eyebrows will be thicker due to the cuticle and floating color. After the cuticle and floating color scab fall off, the eyebrows will become very natural! Don't worry about dark colors early on. 8. After the floating color fades, some places are light or the color is uneven, you can make up the color after a month.

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