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Problems and suggestions often encountered by tattoo artists

by:Qinmei     2022-04-22

Abstract: Problems and suggestions that tattoo artists often encounter A lot of manipulation skills are useless. For a novice tattoo artist, the thrush is a difficult task. So in addition to the problem of eyebrow shape design

For novice tattooists, eyebrow shape has always been the primary problem that troubles them, because the eyebrow shape design is not good, no matter how many operating skills you have mastered. to no avail. For a novice tattoo artist, the thrush is a difficult task. So in addition to the problem of eyebrow design, what other problems do tattoo artists encounter? The eyebrows after the operation are thicker, crooked, and asymmetrical than those drawn before, which often confuses tattooists and makes customers angry.

1: The skin is too tight We all know that we need to tighten the skin when operating the eyebrows. On the one hand, it is for better operation and on the other hand, it will make the eyebrows more natural. However, many tattoo artists (especially novice tattoo artists) try to tighten the customer's skin in order to avoid the problem of unnatural eyebrow coloring, which will not only make the customer feel uncomfortable during the whole operation, but also make the customer's eyebrows color. uneven. Suggestion: The tattoo artist can gently stretch the customer's skin during the operation, and it is not advisable to use too much force. 2: Always want to be the most perfect. We all know that in the process of tattooing, we have to look at it while doing it. This is to avoid problems such as asymmetry and crooked eyebrows. Many tattooists also do the same. They observe while doing it, and fill in what is missing. When the operation is finished, they find that the eyebrows they have made are completely different from the eyebrows they originally designed.

Suggestion: Embroiderers should strictly follow the forehead and eyebrow shape they originally drew in the process of operation, and try not to exceed the border of the eyebrow shape. 3: Designing the eyebrow line too long In order to pursue a sense of elegance, draw the line too long. Women's naturally grown eyebrows are not long at all. I think that if the lines are drawn long, one is unnatural and the artificial traces are obvious; the other is that the longer the lines, the more difficult it is to grasp the direction, and the more difficult it is to achieve between lines. Evenly arranged, it is difficult to achieve symmetry and consistency on both sides of the eyebrows.

Suggestion: The tattoo line is a supplement to the natural eyebrow, not a substitute, so the length of the line should complement the natural eyebrow, so as to be harmonious and not out of shape.

4. Too much attention to the design process Too much attention to the operation process, the eyes are only on the operation, and once I bury my head, I can't stop, and I don't pay attention when I do it. Suggestion: Look and compare while doing, so that when you deviate from the design or have other problems, you will find them at the first time, and you can correct them in time.

Many people think that tattooing is not difficult, but after getting started, you will find that there are too many problems. If you think about it all by yourself, it will take a lot of time. If you encounter any problems in the process of tattooing, you can send your questions to the backstage of the WeChat public account, and there will be a teacher who will answer you one-on-one, just to make you avoid detours on the road of tattooing!

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